The Big Reunion 2014: Gareth Gates was originally worried about forming a band; ‘I was used to being centre stage’

by Nick Barnes
gareth gates

Dancing on Ice 2014: Gareth Gates

The 2014 series of The Big Reunion is set to kick off very soon and one artist taking part has revealed he had some serious reservations about doing the show as he’s always used to being front and center.

However, after putting his life on hold to really give his new band ‘5th Story’ a go, he’s found that he’s actually enjoying being a part of the show.

Speaking to The Metro, Gates said: “When I was first asked to take part in The Big Reunion, I thought (just like everyone else!) ‘Who am I reuniting with?!’ When I heard about the idea of putting a band together, it look me a while to get my head around it if I’m honest.

“I was always used to being centre stage – something that has its good and bad points. How would I cope with sharing the limelight on the stage?!

“Turns out better than I ever thought!”

gareth gates

Gates went on to acknowledge that the only person out of the band he really knew was Dane Bowers as they’d met last year, but he went on to say that band has a “great bunch of lads”.

He continued: “As you know, I was a solo singer, something I just got very much used to. Turns out I’m quite enjoying being in a band!

“I’m not going to turn my back on the solo ambitions I still have – in fact, I’ve spent the last two years writing the best part of a new album – something I’ve never had the opportunity to do.

“However, I also want to give the band a chance too. Everyone has put their lives on hold to do this, so we owe it to ourselves to give it a shot!”

When asked why he wanted to be involved in The Big Reunion this year, Gates admitted that he saw how much enthusiasm everyone had about the show and the whole nostalgia surrounding it. “How could I not want to be involved?” he added.

“I could see what enthusiasm seemed to have for the nostalgia of the series though, and I wanted to be part of that. I may not have been in a band,” he explained “but I was around the same time as all those from the first series, this is a good way of involving those of us who weren’t in a band. We’re also bringing something new to the series – as well as five big hits”.

At the moment, Gareth is of course extremely busy with Dancing on Ice and he even made it through on Sunday evening, which means he still has a lot of training and rehearsal ahead of him.

Nick Barnes

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