The Big Reunion: 5th Story’s Dane Bowers reveals ‘war’ with Damage!



Dane Bowers has revealed that there has been a bit of a battle of the boy bands going on behind the scenes of The Big Reunion this year.

The former Another Level singer has signed up to take part in the ITV2 show, but rather than reunite with his old bandmates, he’s joined forces with Adam Rickitt, Blazin Squad star Kenzie, Kavana and Gareth Gates to form a super group named 5th Story.

The boys (well actually they’re all very much big hunks of men now) will make their first appearance on the programme tonight and when we caught up with them this week, Dane spilled the juicy gossip on some of the backstage tensions.

Also on the lineup are boyband Damage, who enjoyed chart success in the 90s but split in 2001.

Apparently there has been a bit of banter and friendly rivalry between the two groups and Dane told Unreality TV:

“The rehearsal part of the show with all the other bands has been great. There have been a lot of jokes, a lot of practical jokes.”


He continued:

“We get on really well with Damage, [but] there is a bit of a war going on there at the moment.”

Bowers conceded:

“I think they’re probably winning.”

The Big Reunion was one of last year’s surprise TV hits, when bands such as Atomic Kitten, Blue, The Honeyz and 5ive reformed for a special concert tour.

We wanted to know why Dane and his new bandmates decided to follow in their footsteps and he admitted that one of the big reasons was curiosity.

Most of 5th Story were previously solo artists and were intrigued about being in a band for the first time.

5th story

“Most of the guys here were solo artists and we were obviously intrigued about being in a band and how interesting that would be compared to the solo life, where maybe it wasn’t as enjoyable,” Dane explained.

“It was a bit more boring and a bit more hard work.”

He is hoping the show leads to bigger things for 5th Story, but if it doesn’t at least he’s having fun doing it.

“It’s a great TV show, a massive platform for us all individually,” Bowers continued.

“We get on really well, there is a lot of banter, some good jokes. A lot of craic really.”

Expect some ups and downs and definitely some tears and tantrums over the course of the series because the boys have left nothing out of bounds in their interviews.

Dan told us:

“It’s a bare all show, people want to know your ups and downs. Some of us have had more ups than downs and some of us have had way more downs….it’s just interesting. We have been very honest.”

Check out the rest of our interview with the 5th Story guys below….you don’t want to miss them playing Mr & Mrs at the end!

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