The Big Reunion: Kavana reveals he’s gay & told 5th Story by email

by Lisa McGarry

kavana the voice

Anthony Kavana has come out this week via a magazine interview.

The pop star was the subject of many teenage girls’ fantasies back in the 90s, when he was busy promising the pre-pubescents he could make them ‘Feel Good’ as he worked his way around the UK during his Smash Hits heyday .

However it turns out he was never really interested in his legions of fangirls, because the crooner has always been batting for the other team.

Ant is currently taking part in The Big Reunion and has joined super boyband 5th Story with Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Kenzie and Adam Rickett and in a new interview with Now magazine he revealed he enjoyed his first proper romance with a man at the age of 22 but “took the easy option” while he was in the charts and never spoke out about his sexuality.

He’s left it so long that now Kav reveals he’s ’embarrassed’ to finally admit he’s gay at 36 years old, especially when his friends and family have known for so long.


However the star is glad to finally address the ‘huge elephant in the room.’

Kavana, who lost his dad in 2009, also revealed that his biggest regret in life is never coming out to his parents.

He has told his bandmates, though he wasn’t brave enough to tell 5th Story face to face so after repeated questions about whether or not he had a girlfriend, he emailed all his costars and admits they were ‘all cool’ with the news. Mostly because he assured them he doesn’t have any secret crushes.


There could still be a Duncan James style revelation in the pipeline though, as Ant isn’t ruling out women altogether for the future.

The canny singer perhaps doesn’t want to alienate his female fanbase and added:

“Part of me wants to say I’m bisexual because I do find women attractive, but I’ve had more intimate relationships with guys.”

Have a watch of our interview with 5th Story and let us know what you think below….

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