Britain’s Next Top Model 2010: semi final!

by Lisa McGarry

This week was the penultimate episode of BNTM, and what an intense hour of twists and turns!

The girls received an email congratulating them on their achievements and were treated to a relaxing day of massages; where they reflected on how far they had come, and the journey that was ahead of them.

But they couldn’t chill out for too long, because a photo shoot with Elle herself was coming…

That evening, Joy read out the Email “Meet me for your last photo shoot in Malaysia- your last chance to show me and the judges how much you’ve learnt” The pressure was on!

Elle meet them at the beach, and explained to them they would be emulating an image of Elle herself! Alisha was confident when she saw the image which had been chosen for her, Tiffany was worried she wouldn’t be able to live up to the expectation of hers, and Joy thought her pose would be quite difficult. Elle was expecting to see progress, professional attitude, and for all 3 girls to embrace their looks.

Alisha was up first, and directed by the photographer and Elle herself! She kept focused throughout, wanting to look like Elle but with a helping of the “Alisha Sizzle!” Next was Tiffany, posing in the water with yellow flippers! Elle specifically chose this to see a side of Tiffany that hadn’t be seem before…and it worked! Tiffany felt emotional at the end, and very grateful to have had the experience. Joy’s pose was lying down by the side of a pool, which is initially found quite difficult to get into. But with the help of Elle, Joy got in the correct spot, and had an amazing photo shoot.

The girls might have found the photo shoot with Elle intense, but the following day they were in for more pressure…a fashion show where they had to walk the runway in front of all the judging panel!

When they arrived at the show, the designers told prepped our 3 on how they wanted them to walk, and got them into fittings.

Alisha was worried that her dress restricted the way she could walk, Tiffany loved her outfit and she felt it made her looked very strong, and Joy was glad the outfits had a “rock and roll” vibe, as she was dreading the thought of a long dress!

Before the show, Joy got emotional as she felt she wasn’t going to be good on the catwalk. Tiffany was reflective and motivated, and Alisha thought about how winning would chance not just her life, but her family’s life as well.

It was time for the show…

Alisha was the very first model on the floor, and she absolutely loved it- even all the kaos backstage! Joy felt like the whole experience was a blur, and when she came off the runway all she could think about was getting into the next outfit. Tiffany focused on being strong, confident and sexy, and she feels like she achieved that. All the judges were incredibly impressed with all three models, and were stunned by the progress our girls had made.

Then, it was time for panel….

Joy was up first and she told them how scared she was in the show, and Elle said she thought she looked really relaxed. All four judges absolutely loved her beach photo shoot, and Joy told them how grateful she was about being on the show and growing as a person.

Next up was Tiffany, and again the judges were amazed at her photo, and loved the fact that her face and expression was different from anything they’d seen before.

Finally Alisha went before the judges, and the they all gave her beach photo a great review, and praised her for her catwalk. Alisha explained how much she had learnt over the weeks, and how she was beginning to feel like a model.

Then it was time…Elle stood up. She looked at the 3 girls before her, and said she couldn’t decide. She couldn’t decide who was going to be Britain’s Next Top model, so they’d decided to do something they’d never done before…


The three girls will go back to London, and compete in a LIVE TELEVISION EVENT, where YOU get to decide and vote who will become, BRITAINS NEXT TOP MODEL!!!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!