Britain’s Next Top Model 2010: Tiffany, Joy, Amba, Harleen, Charlotte, Susan, Amelia, Rachelle, Olivia, Hannah, Delita, Nicola, Kirsty and Alisha make it to week two!

Thousands entered, but only 25 were chosen! On this week’s Britain’s Next Top Model launch, the girls met on a huge green bus and were overwhelmed when approaching the modeling academy and meeting the brand new judges! Out of the academy came Charley Speed and Grace Woodward, who informed them they had to change into their model uniforms, and report to class! All dressed the same and ready at their desks, Elle told them they all had potential, that’s why she had choose them, but that only 13 could go into the house, and of course only 1 could be Britain’s Next Top Model!

Their first challenge was a photo shoot with Grace: such an amazing stylist that some of the girls were quite intimidated!! Grace felt Charlotte was a natural beauty, that Marie had amazing focus, but poor Chloe was a bit confused when asked if she’d “done this before”! Kadian was trying to be subtle but strong, Emma was going for the natural look, and Grace told Jennifer her modeling uniform suited her- what a compliment!! Joy really
wanted to impress Grace, and she did! Grace was blown away! Up next was runway with Charley, where they were briefed to show him a walk that
stood out from the others. Kirsty, Kadian and Delita had good walks, Amelia came out with a bang, Chloe had lad-mag attitude, and Amba impressed ALL the other girls, and Charley! Simone fell during her walk, but she kept the positive attitude thinking, “At least I stood out!”

Julien MacDonald introduced himself to the girls and told them a one-on-one with the panel was next, putting the girls under pressure; wearing
swimming costumes and answering questions, it was their chance to truly impress! The girls all felt Elle was such a positive person, but Charlotte was taken aback when Julien told her she had an “odd face”. Amba was nervous, especially when Grace told her her answers were the same as everyone else! Alisha was honest about herstruggle with dyslexia, and Simone felt her walk to panel was a lot better than her runway!!

The panel then had the difficult decision of eliminating 5 girls, and it was Susanna, Emma, Chloe, Francesca and Alize who left.

The remaining girls were introduced to Nicky Johnston, who was the photographer for their first photo shoot! Group shots took the theme of Geeks, Sports, Prefects and the Cool girls. Geeks were up first, were Delita failed to impress, Jennifer was uneasy but Nicky really liked Marie and Kirsty, and thought Alisha was the best. Sports team next, where Simone left no impression, Charlotte didn’t deliver but Olivia used a lot of initiative.

Prefects were after, however Joy was very upset with her outfit!! Kadian really impressed Nicky, as did Susan, however Sophie needed to be more versatile and Joy’s nerves took over. Holly impressed in the Cool girls shoot, were as Amelia didn’t and Nicky felt Samirah
was totally out of her depth! Oh dear!

Our panel then considered and discussed each girl, taking into account their photo shoot, headshots and runway walk, before deciding who would be going home at elimination.

Elle told them that out of 20, only 13 of them would move forwards in the competition. She began to read their names out, one by one…very tense! Tiffany, Joy, Amba, Harleen, Charlotte, Amelia, Rachelle, Olivia, Hannah, Delita, Nicola, Kirsty and Alisha got through. But in a surprise twist, Elle announced that they’d found it too difficult to choose, and decided to put Susan through as well!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!