Britney Spears’ new album to have a ‘Madge Vibe’ and Bieber’s swaggy becomes saggy as he loses his pants… AGAIN!

by Nick Barnes

britney spears

Just days after the announcement that she will sing live in Vegas, it has been revealed that Britney Spears’ new album will have a Madge vibe, according to Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph.

Now, it depends which Madonna era Britney is aiming for, as it hasn’t all been peachy for her. However, according to Rudolph, the album will have a ‘Ray of Light’ vibe about it. Hmm..

It’s fair to say that a lot of work has been put into Britney’s forthcoming eighth studio album, which will be released in December. Over the months she has worked with the likes of among other big names.

Speaking about Britney’s collaboration with on Scream & Shout, Rudolph said: “After the Scream & Shout exercise, which went so well, the public seems to really like Britney and Will together.

“There’s something about them that works. He understands who she is and what her audience wants. Work B**ch is a great example of a song that’s from this album, but I don’t know that it necessarily defines the album”.

It has also recently been confirmed by Camp Spears that she is currently undergoing vocal training sessions to get her voice on-point for her two-year residency in Las Vegas.

“There’s a lot of other material on here that is really rich,” Rudolph continued “There’s a ballad called ‘Perfume’ that she recorded recently. Britney wrote it with Sia. It’s a breakup song that’s about wanting the next girl to smell your perfume on the guy afterwards.

“There are a couple of other songs that have a really modern EDM vibe and other stuff that has a Ray of Light vibe”.

He went on to say that Britney has written everything on the album along with the help of some collaborators and “there’s one or two she wrote herself”.

Meanwhile, it looks like Bieber has gone from Swaggy to being a bit erm… saggy!

We know Bieber has this thing where he likes to show off what underwear he is wearing, but then it gets to something when you keep losing your trousers on stage.

The “wardrobe malfunction”, as it has been described, happened during his Believe Tour stop in Singapore. It happened a month or two back as well in Florida.

Once again, the incident was recorded by a snap-happy Belieber in the audience and then posted on Instagram for us all to see… not that we wanted to. But, hey…

We reckon he should head on out and get himself a belt as it could be a tad worse next time!

If you’d like to see the first time it happened as well, knock yourself out:

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