B*Witched’s Keavy Lynch admits Boyzone brother Shayne Lynch has been watching The Big Reunion! (INTERVIEW)

by Lisa McGarry


Guest post by Entertainment reporter Mark Boardman for Unreality TV.

The Big Reunion returns to ITV2 this evening and tonight, the latest episode tells the stories of two girl groups Honeyz and B*Witched, who both had success with top-ten hits in the 1990s and early 2000s, as they reunite for a one-off concert at London’s Hammersmith Apollo

Check out our exclusive interview with Keavy Lynch from B*Witched below….

What is the favourite song that all of you like to perform?

Talking vocally I think ‘(Blame it on the) Weatherman’ is beautiful. But for Nostalgia sake and everybody enjoying it, I would say ‘C’est La Vie’.

Q. You’ve been working hard in rehearsals, how do you find it on day 1.

Day one was so hard because we were so apprehensive about how much we had to do in such a short space of time. And also we hadn’t been in a work environment together for 12 years.


We were thrown in with all of the other bands aswell from day one and we were like actually ‘we haven’t really found our feet as a band together yet without being around five other bands as well. It was really bizarre.

Q. How have you found the relationship with all of you and the other bands, you must of known many of them from when you used to tour?

Yeah we did actually, the only ones that we hadn’t met before were Liberty X, so it was really nice to have fresh faces around considering this is all ‘new but old’. So for me I really enjoyed meeting Liberty X and we are quite friendly with The Honeyz and 911 and we have been over the years at different stages. It was quite nice to see them and they were friendly faces there.

Well 5ive, they were always a bit of a nightmare back in the day (Laughs) so I wasn’t sure what to expect with them but they’ve grown up and were nice.

Have to spoken to Shane from Boyzone about The Reunion?

Yeah, I was really surprised actually, he’s really enjoying it. He now watches the show every Thursday night and is texting away going ‘Oh Good luck’ and he’s really looking forward to seeing the show. She added “He’s been really supportive.”

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