Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Carol McGiffin, Mario Falcone win a luxury shopping budget for the house in a timed game of ‘He said, She said’

by Nick Barnes


This week’s first shopping task culminated in a pass as Mario Falcone and Carol McGiffin played a blinder in the final task.

During the final part of this week’s task, Mario and Carol had the time that the housemates had banked throughout this week’s shopping task to crack the safe.

The duo were presented with three locked boxes and a large safe which had three clock faces attached to them. Displayed on the wall was another large clock face with the twelve housemates’ faces on it – each of which had a time attached to it.

The three boxes had to be unlocked with a unique key which was hidden amongst other keys in a bowl. They had to find the correct key to open one of the boxes to find two clues inside – one for the A hand on the clock and one for the B hand.


Upon opening the box and finding the clues, they had to play a game of ‘he said / she said’ in which they had to guess which housemate had said what about another housemate. When they thought they had it right, they had to find the two housemates’ faces on the large clock on the wall and input the correct time into one of the clock faces on the safe. If they had it correct, the light on the safe would light up green, otherwise it would stay red.

If the three clues could be guessed correctly, then they would pass the shopping task – which they did!

Mario correctly guessed that Carol had said that Sophie “looks like a trout” whilst Carol recalled Charlotte’s outburst about Vicky being a “stupid cow”. They also guessed that Vicky made a judgement about Louie being “too old” and “too fat” to be pirouetting around.

However, it wasn’t quite as simple as that as their fellow housemates were watching the action unfold on the plasma in the living area. But, they couldn’t stay moody for long when they found out they will eat well this week!

Nick Barnes

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