Celebrity Big Brother winner, Paddy Doherty reveals his and Sally Bercow’s camping trip and time in the Queen’s bed!

by Anna Howell

We are used to seeing the strangest of friendships and relationships emerge from the Celebrity Big Brother house, but I think you will all agree that this one is probably the strangest one ever!

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s star, Paddy Doherty, has come and publicly declared that he “absolutely adores” former housemate and Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow.

The unlikely pair found themselves together in the re-launch of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 last year, and the two have now become so close to one another that Bercow even recently holidayed with Doherty in his trailer on a caravan site in Wales.  This was Sally’s – whose husband is MP John Bercow, famous for keeping order in the House of Commons – second trip with the self-professed leader of the travelling community, and there are more trips planned according to reports!

Doherty said of his new friend: “Who wouldn’t love her? You have to love her. I’ve never met a woman like her.”

Before going on to speak about the holiday, sayings: “She loved every minute. She came with her three kids and I took them out, showing them the real travellers’ ways.

“I took the kids rabbiting and to a horse show. They had a great time. They can’t wait to come and stay with me again.”

Paddy then went on to say how the new friendship surprised him more than anyone, saying: “I thought I’d hate her — what would we have in common? But we got on brilliantly. Sally really makes me laugh, she’s so funny.

“You either love her or hate her. She’s very blunt — what she does is right and what you do is wrong.

“She does what she wants and you do what she wants.

“She behaves like a man. Poor John, her husband — I tell her he has to put up with a lot.

“She’s very into women’s lib. She says things without thinking about them first. I’ve told her that — I’ve said, ‘Look, woman, think!’

“That’s why she’s always getting in trouble with that tweeting thing.”

The two friends could not be more different if they tried, Paddy is a bare knuckle fighter and reality star, whilst Sally is an upper class parliamentary wife, although she is very well-known for her blunt and somewhat wild side.  She managed to cause a storm in the House of Commons last year when she sensationally posed half-naked for a magazine shoot, with Big Ben in the background.

After meeting Paddy in the famous BB house, Sally even took him along with her to the House of Commons, where he jumped on the Kings bed!

Talking of the incident, Doherty said: “We had a great crack. I could see all these MPs looking at me — they knew who I was.

“I think they wondered what I was doing there. There was this huge, massive bed where the queen or king sleeps the night before they are crowned. It’s behind railings.

“I said to Sally, ‘Watch this’ and I jumped over the railings and on to the bed. There was uproar. Sally was laughing her head off and shouting, ‘Paddy, get off the bed!’ ”

Whilst there, Paddy even helped her with some political engagements.

“We went to one recently and she said, ‘Paddy, come upstairs and help me go through this.’ Paddy confessed.

“She went through her speech and I told her the way I thought she should do it — like more from the heart, more her. And she did, and she was grand.”

Paddy, who is about to release his new autobiography, Hard Knocks And Soft Spots, describes the first conversation he had with Bercow when they entered the house, saying: “I told her, ‘I service my woman.’ But Sally is so posh she didn’t know what I meant. I added, ‘Don’t worry, I wouldn’t service you.’ ”

In the book, he also describes how Sally hates the way he treats his long-suffering woooman, Roseanne, commenting: “She couldn’t believe how my wife spends her day — cooking and cleaning. Sally’s into none of that — poor John! She’s not into cooking. I don’t think she’s had a chamois in her hand. But she’s come to accept our way of life.”

And it would seem that Roseanne is happy with the back up of her husbands new confidante, and isn’t jealous of the relationship in the slightest.  Paddy saysof the two women in his life: “They get on grand. They text each other all the time. I’ve shown Sally how travellers live and how we’re discriminated against and she takes a real interest in our way of life. I admire her for it.

“Her husband is a lovely man. After the holiday he phoned to thank me for giving the children such a good time.”

Watch paddy’s This Morning interview below: