Celebrity Come Dine With Me: Yvette Fielding, Bruce Jones, Roy Walker & Natasha Hamilton


Four celebrities go head to head in a culinary battle as each hosts their idea of the perfect dinner party in a bid to win the ?1000 prize for a charity of their choice. Potty mouthed ‘Most Haunted’ presenter Yvette Fielding goes up against sex bomb and ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton, Catchphrase kingpin Roy Walker and Corrie star Les Battersby aka actor Bruce Jones.

Yvette’s up first and professes to be intolerant of fussy types and celebrity nonsense; it doesn’t bode well as guest Bruce Jones is a very fussy eater. He sends back his soup because he doesn’t like cream and unfortunately for Yvette this then ends up all over her trousers. As Bruce continues spouting off on the long list of food he doesn’t like, Roy reveals himself to be quite a charmer with the ladies- paying special attention to Natasha Hamilton. The evening ends with the host in hysterics.

Host two is the glamorous Natasha, ‘Mr Fussy’ Bruce is nervous about various dishes but Roy is happy for her to serve up egg and chips he’s so smitten. Over dinner Yvette has let slip some very indiscreet bedroom stories involving yoghurt and the evening ends with the sort of sing-along that would make a bad pub singer sound like Shirley Bassey.

The third host is none other than catchphrase king and all round ‘Legend’ Roy Walker. If Bruce moans on his night Roy is threatening to give him a bag of crisps, but it’s the girls he should be worrying about as both of them hate black pudding. Whether the food manages to win them over or not Roy sets out to be the host with the most; an evening of japes, jousting, press-ups in the middle of the kitchen floor and some special merchandise from the ‘Legend’ himself. While Roy’s still swooning over Natasha, Yvette and Bruce have a French kiss mid course – brace yourselves!

The climax of the competition is left to Bruce who, on taking on a surprisingly challenging menu, is hit by a bout of very bad nerves. The guests anticipate his night with trepidation as he’s been the fussiest eater of the week. With stress pouring from every pore, he welcomes the three celebrities for one final jaunt of bizarre-looking dishes. There are more shocking revelations from Yvette, and the winner is revealed, walking away with the £1000 prize for their favourite charity.

Sunday 01 November 8PM – Channel 4

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!