Celebrity Super Spa Channel 5 – tears and drama with Helen Flanagan, Rustie Lee, Yvette Fielding, Arg, John Burton-Race & Jody Latham!

by Lisa McGarry

helen flanagan celebrity super spa

Six celebrity trainees are initiated into all things hair and beauty in a brand new reality series commencing this week on Channel 5. Overseeing their training atthe Celebrity Super-Spa is Herbert,the colourful owner. His business is built on high standards and he expects the same from his trainees…

The celebrities – ‘Corrie’ star Helen Flanagan, chef & presenter Rustie Lee (‘BB BOTS’), ‘Most Haunted’ host Yvette Fielding, Arg (JamesArgent) from Towie, chef John Burton-Race (‘I’m a Celebrity’) and ‘Shameless’ actor Jody Latham – are in for a shock or two.

To earn one of salon supremo Herbert’s coveted diplomas,they must tackle everything from haircuts to back, sack and crack waxing. There are plenty of highs and lows as the plucking, preening and pampering gets under way. The celebs may have been on the receiving end of some of these treatments, but they soon discoverthat performing them is very different. Beauty is about to get ugly!


The series is presented by Eoghan McDermott (‘The Voice ofIreland’) and Laura Jackson (‘Freshly Squeezed’).

This week,the trainees arrive at the Celebrity Super-Spa and meet Herbert, a Liverpudlian with over 50 years’ experience in the business. Straight away,their eccentric mentor and trainer announces a twist which will change everything before they have even started.

In the staffroom, sparks fly almost immediately when Helen arrives late. The other celebrities do not like being kept waiting. Once the dust has settled, it is time for allthe trainees to strip off and get into their robes,ready for the massage class.


They need to listen carefully because later that day they will be let loose on some real customers and Herbert will not allow any mistakes.

Down in the treatment rooms,the celebrities meet their first clients, and there are a few surprises about who gets to massage whom. At the end of the day the trainees gatherin the staff dining room, where Herbert assesses their progress so far. Which pair will be named bottom of the class?

Celebrity Super Spa starts tonight, 10pm, Channel 5. Will you be watching?

Lisa McGarry

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