Changing Faces coming to Living

Imagine Katie Price as nature intended, with her fair share of bags, sags and wrinkles, on show for the world to see. Or picture Kylie, minus the cosmetic helping hands she’s admitted to reaching out for in the past. LIVING is lifting the lid on the nation’s insatiable appetite for celebrity with a highly engaging new series, Changing Faces. The six-part series takes one iconic celebrity and follows their face and fortune over the years, alongside their career highs and lows.

LIVING examines the ‘changing faces’ of some of the world’s biggest celebrities; Cheryl Cole, Posh and Becks, Katie Price Madonna, Kylie, and Sharon Osbourne, with fascinating results. Using brand new morphing technology, Changing Faces reveals the 75 year-old faces of these celebrities, transformed beyond all recognition.

But before the clock is turned forward, each revealing episode goes right back to where it all started. Viewers get to look behind the headlines into the life and times of our favourite stars reliving their most defining images; from bob to pob, brown to blond, vanishing imperfections, size 14 to size zero or mohican to plaits. The programme looks at the stories that affected their careers; the reinventions, the nips and tucks, the red carpet triumphs, the frock horrors, and the hair do’s and hair don’ts?

But where does it all end? And can perfection ever be truly achieved? Working with world renowned age-progression expert, Teri Blythe, and using specially created graphic morphs; Changing Faces will create powerful images of the six subject celebrities to reveal how they’d look in a few decades, if they’d aged naturally. Teri commented: “I’m a celebrity’s worse nightmare; I look for the bad features, bags, wrinkles, I highlight them then predict how somebody might look in the future.” Minus the jabbing, filling, lifting and stretching the show unveils the shocking and naked truth of what a real dose of old age does to some of our most glamorous stars. Will we even recognise the faces that capture the headlines and made them famous?

8th February, 10pm 2010


Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!