Charlotte Jackson broke her toe in rehearsals for ITV’s Splash!

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Charlotte Jackson has managed to break her toe during rehearsals for ITV’s Splash.

The Sky Sports News presenter was practicing for her diving debut on live TV and was set to perform this Saturday on the much berate series, however she will have to wait to hear from doctors whether or not she can take part, after injuring her foot this week.

The blonde beauty was practicing with coach and mentor Tom Daley when she landed badly and broke her toe and an insider told The Sun:

“All the celebrities practise their dives into a dry pool – which is essentially a diving board above a crash mat.

“Unfortunately for Charlotte, she landed awkwardly and her toe swelled up and turned purple.”

She isn’t the only one to have been hurt in the series so far. Last Saturday it was confirmed that Jenni Falconer had injured her shoulder when she landed badly after a dive and Jake Canuso appeared with a plaster over his nose, after breaking it during one fall.

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As if hurting her toe wasn’t bad enough, Charlotte has also been having some swimwear mishaps and had been left red faced after baring a bit too much skin on some occasions.

The source added: “She’s had to get some tighter bikini bottoms.”

Jackson has been chatting about her injury on Twitter and told a fan the pain could cause her some issues on Saturday. She said:

“Absolutely gutted- I’ve broken my big toe in training for Splash- so fingers crossed I can still dive-just won’t be able to do what I wanted”


“Fingers crossed I can dive- I have broken my toe!”

“u push off with your toes- so fact I can’t bend right big toe,& foot swollen- I can’t push off- so its the main bit!?”

It sounds like she’s in a lot of pain and she added:

“Very swollen & painful at minute.”

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