Check out Josie Gibson’s new size 10 figure as she models sexy lingerie!

by Anna Howell

Former Big Brother winner, Josie Gibson, has revealed the results of her new fitness DVD by showing off her amazing size 10 figure at a recent charity ball.

The reality star, who has famously suffered with her yo-yo weight issues, has taken the country by storm since the release of her new fitness DVD earlier this year, and from the pictures of her in today’s Sun newspaper at the prestigious event it is clear to see why it is so popular.

Josie, who had been in a relationship with her BB housemate, John-James Parton until a few years ago, lost nearly four stone in the lead up to Christmas last year after being disgusted at unflattering pictures of her eating junk food in a bikini whilst on holiday were published.

Speaking at the time the bubbly blonde said she was “horrified” by the images, branding herself a “total beast” before vowing to do something about it, which she did!

Now a slim size ten, as opposed to her previous size 20, Josie has shared her fitness secrets with the country in her new DVD 30 Seconds Slim, which shot straight to the top of the workout video chart.

And what better way to show off these remarkable results, than to strip down to sexy lingerie for a new photo shoot with Closer magazine?

Discussing her dramatic weight loss with the publication, Josie commented:

“I never would have done a lingerie shoot before – so this is a first for me.

“I’m TERRIFIED of getting fat again,

“I’m much happier, and I’ve got loads more energy – I’m like a new woman in the bedroom now I’m slim and our sex life is sizzling.

“Luke loves my new body and seeing his reaction to me makes me feel more confident in front of him.”

Josie went on to admit how her new look has given her more confidence in the bedroom too:

“I feel so much more sexually confident too and now I can be a bit more adventurous – my man can pick me up and throw me around a bit in bed!

“Let’s just say there’s no need to have sex with the lights off any more!”

And it’s not just Luke who gets treated to the sight for sore eyes:

“Sometimes, I get a bit big-headed. Luke will say, “Jose, we’ve got a lodger – put some clothes on!” but it’s an old school friend staying with us, so I forget myself when I’m walking around the house naked!”

Read Josie’s full interview in this week’s Closer!

Watch Josie’s recent Loose Women appearance in the clip below: