Cheryl Cole cancels Valentines Day!

by Lisa McGarry

Cheryl Cole has cancelled all her plans for spending a romantic Valentines Day with hubby Ashley Cole. Furious about his latest sexy texts scandal, the X Factor judge has reportedly arranged it so that she would be working today instead.

Last night a source told The News Of The World: “Cheryl was really looking forward to sharing Valentine’s Day with Ashley.

“But at the last minute she requested the schedule be changed so she could practise her big performance and rehearse for hours instead.

“It’s the most romantic day of the year so the fact she made the choice to work when she didn’t have to says a lot about where her head is at.”

Ashley has tried to explain how glamour model Sonia ended up with naked photos of him sent to her phone, claiming that he had given the phone to a pal who then sent them on. However, Cheryl is reportedly doubting her husband, who famously cheated on her just to years ago. So angry is she with him, that has banned him from accompanying her to this Tuesday’s Brit Award ceremony.

A source said:

“She’s incredibly confused and has been struggling with her emotions since finding out. Ashley was meant to be coming with Cheryl to the Brits on Tuesday. Even though he’s badly hurt he’d have hobbled up the red carpet to support her on her big night, performing by herself in front of the entire industry for the first time. She wanted Ashley by her side.

“Just a week ago Cheryl was on top of the world and thought things were finally back on track after a tough couple of years. She’d been telling friends she was still madly in love with Ashley and said the marriage was stronger than it had ever been.

“But after hearing all the phone stuff she doesn’t want him at the show. She knows how such a public snub will be seen but she just doesn’t care any more.”

Lisa McGarry

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