Cheryl Cole LOVES One Direction’s Harry Styles & fans sing at Mike Phillips over Niall Horan row!

Cheryl Cole

It seems that, just like the rest of us, Cheryl Cole has a favourite One Direction member.

The former X Factor judge was on the ITV show when the band progressed through the live stages and watched as they made it all the way to the final in 2010 and it apparently she’s been following their stratospheric career ever since.

Cheryl loves the Little Things singers so much that she wants to be one of them, but is it Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik or Niall Horan?

It turns out that the Promise This hitmaker would love to come back as a man and not just any man. In her new life she wants to not just know Harry Styles but BE Harry Styles.

The brunette beauty tweeted today saying:

“I have decided that when I come back I want to come back as a guy (preferably Harry Styles) #nextlife.”

cheryl cole face

It can’t hurt the band to have yet another famous fan, especially one that’s capable of the odd Twitter trend too.

The Geordie singer was chuffed when the hashtag “CherylColeIsAHero” began trending this afternoon and told her fans:

“Awww just saw your trend! You’re tooo sweet #thankyou.”

Meanwhile, One Direction fans have been making waves of their own and it seems that Mike Phillips is still in the spotlight after his row with Niall Horan last month.

Niall lashed out at the rugby star after some less than polite behaviour on the pitch following a match between Wales and Ireland and Mike responded to the star, daring him to come to the training ground and man up to him. He added:

“Bring the rest of The Beatles with you.”

mike philips

Offended fans waited outside and watched as Mike made his way out after Racing Metro’s 25-15 win over Castres this week and as the burly sports star walked past, he was serenaded by a group of cheeky Directioners, who belted out the One Direction hit song ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful.’

Phillips Racing team mate Jamie Roberts filmed the spectacle and posted it on Instagram with the message:

“Nice to see @mikephillips009 smiling for his new found fans!”

Watch the clip and leave your comments below…

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  1. notheragain on March 7, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Cheryl’s a bit old for Harry and his mates don’t you think?

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