Cheryl is divorcing Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini THIS WEEK! Marrying Liam Payne soon after?

Cheryl will be officially single this week it has been reported. The former Girls Aloud star is dating One Direction singer Liam Payne though, so she won’t be kicking her heels up and hitting the town any time soon.

Cheryl married Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini only two years ago, but last summer it was clear that the pair were on the rocks. They split around October and by December she was dating Liam. There wasn’t much hanging about!

Cheryl and JB’s divorce has been pretty contentious, with insiders claiming the duo couldn’t agree on a settlement or the terms surrounding their split. However it seems they’ve all been ironed out now.

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It’s been confirmed that Cheryl will have her ‘decree nisi’ read at the High Court on Thursday 20th October, which will put an end to her marriage permanently.

It’s been said that Cheryl is expecting her first child and that Liam is desperate to marry her BEFORE their baby is born. The pair have fast tracked their relationship and it looks like they could be husband and wife before the year is out.


‘Liam’s quite old-fashioned in his views and he wants to marry Cheryl’ one told Heat magazine. ‘He’d rather have children in wedlock than out, but until she gets divorced she can’t marry him. That’s understandably causing tension.’

Fans are hoping that the pair do get hitched. After all, we have had One Direction babies and engagements so far but definitely not a One Direction marriage. We would LOVE to see a big, flash and dramatic wedding before Christmas, but maybe, since it is her third, Cheryl will want to do things a little more low key.

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