by Lisa McGarry

In 2008, former Steps star Claire Richards lost five stone for her wedding, going from a size 18 to a size 8 in just four months. Two years on, she is back to her larger self. Now, for the first time, Claire attempts to discover the real reason she never wins her battle with weight, as cameras gain unprecedented access to her life over the course of a year.

Claire explores her tempestuous and emotional relationship with food, and attempts to understand and control the negative effects her yo-yo dieting is having on her body, as well as finding out what triggers it in the first place – a problem that affects millions of women across the country.
Over three revealing and frank episodes, Sky Living follows Claire’s struggle to shift the pounds as she battles with her cravings for junk food. “If I’m upset, I’ll eat. I’m happy, I’ll eat. Any kind of emotion – food is what I’ll go for. If I like the taste of something I’ll just keep eating until I feel sick. Which is just not normal,” she explains.

Claire will visit a variety of experts, including a behaviourial therapist with extreme methods, and fellow dieters to discover if there is really a way she can reprogamme her eating habits. So much hinges on this journey for Claire; with career opportunities ahead to thrust her back into the entertainment mainstream, it’s crunch time for her to find a size, body and weight that she can finally be content with.
In this first episode, we are introduced to Claire’s fractious and complicated relationship with food. Having ballooned to 13- and-a-half stone, a magazine has set her the challenge of losing as much weight as possible for a bikini shoot. Motivated by her goal, she takes extreme measures to shift the pounds in the hope it will leave her with a sense of achievement and happiness.
After the photo shoot and her attempts at personal training and various diet fads, as well as meeting fellow celebrity dieter Clare Nasir for advice on how to kick the food binges, Claire pins her hopes on hypnotherapy in a vain effort to reprogramme her mindset. But on a family holiday abroad, her resolve fails again, and Claire is soon eating a diet of pizza, chips, curry and ribs, as her weight creeps back on.

Wednesday 7 September 2011 at 21:00 – SKY LIVING


Lisa McGarry

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