5 Minutes To A Fortune host Davina McCall would love to star on Strictly Come Dancing and her favourite One Direction singer is Harry Styles!

Davina McCall Celebrity Big Brother

Fans of former Big Brother presenter – and current Got to Dance host – Davina McCall will know that she’s busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but despite her already overloaded schedule, she’s got yet another project on the go right now, and that is hosting new quiz show 5 Minutes To A Fortune…

And in today’s Daily Mirror, Davina has been talking about the new show as well as revealing which TV shows she’d like to be a part of, and which of the One Direction band members is her favourite!

Starting with talk of 5 Minutes To A Fortune, Davina explained how it works.

She said, “You have five minutes to play five games with five questions in each game. Your money, £50,000, is in an hourglass…

“If you don’t complete the allotted time that is chosen by your partner, the hourglass begins to turn and you start losing money.”

There’s also to be a celebrity version on Saturday nights, and when asked who she’d love to see taking part, Davina said, “Because it’s quite stressful it’s very interesting to see the dynamics of couples playing together and seeing how they get on.

“Posh and Becks would be the dream scenario because I’d love to see how they interact.”

Next, when asked “Would you ever do any reality TV?” Davina replied, “I’ve been offered quite a lot and I would love to do something like Strictly Come Dancing…davina mccall

“But I just haven’t got the time. I know that I would want to give it everything I’ve got and it would be too hard to fit in all the training.

“You’ve got to dance every single day and towards the end – if I was still in it by then – I’d be doing two dances.”

Then it was on to asking about her guilty pleasures and one of the questions set was, “Are you secretly a fan of One Direction?”

Davina replied, “There’s nothing secret about my love of One Direction. I’m a fan and that’s fine.

“They remind me of a young Take That and how lovely and positive they were.

“I think they’re great and they were amazing on the Comic Relief documentary they did.”

And finally, when asked which of the 1D lads is her favourite, Davina said, “Having seen them on Comic Relief, I would say Harry.

“He’s very emotional and I think he expressed himself extremely well on it.

“He let us know how hard it was for him and I really admired him for that because it’s quite a big thing for a man to let go. I was very impressed.”

5 Minutes To A Fortune is expected to air on Channel 4 in the 5pm slot on weekdays, but a launch date has yet to be announced.

For now, here’s a look at Davina having a lovefest with Holly Willoughby on This Morning recently…

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