‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ to star Freddie Flintoff, David Haye, Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Banjo, Mickey Flanagan, Louie Spence, Sarah Harding, Sally Lindsay, Chris Moyles

by Lisa McGarry

The talent contest and game show collide in Sky 1’s brand new entertainment show ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ fronted by Amanda Byram.

Over the years, viewers have been inundated with series after series of search-for-a-star competitions. We all know the drill: a sweet mix of sweet-and-sour judges; the obligatory sob story; and for that extra sprinkling of schmaltz, various video montages played out to the rousing sound of You Raise Me Up. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is here to change all of that with this high-stakes talent contest where getting rid of the dross is as much fun as discovering moments of true talent and entertainment.

Every week, Amanda is joined by celebrity commentators who will help her to review and analyse the acts during their moments – or sometimes seconds – of glory. Over the weeks Amanda will be joined by sporting greats Freddie Flintoff and David Haye, dance extraordinaires Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Banjo, and funny man Mickey Flanagan. Amanda will also be joined by the loveable likes of Louie Spence, Sarah Harding, Sally Lindsay and Chris Moyles.

Amanda Byram said: “I’m so excited for Don’t Stop Me Now to hit the screens! It was so much fun filming what I call a ‘talent show with a twist, crash bang and wallop!’ We found some very unique and fantastic talent along the way, while others had their dreams left in tatters as they were quite literally ‘swept’ off the stage.”

Each week Amanda and her guest will have an interesting job picking out the men from the boys as not every performance proves enough to win over the audience in the talent game show where everyone thinks they’re a superstar and wants the chance to prove it.

On appearances ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ follows the traditional variety show template. The studio audience is divided into three categories – singers, comedians and variety – and, each week, acts are randomly selected to take to the stage for their stint in the spotlight. The stage has three different looks for the three different types of acts.

The audience act as judge and jury: every member of the studio audience has a voting keypad and the moment more than half of them have had enough, it’s all over for the performer. However’Don’t Stop Me Now’ has a downside to the curtains coming down like no other show and when the audience have had enough, the act in question will be literally ejected from the show. With the risk of a surprise exit via trap doors, horizontal bungees and exploding stages, it is a talent game show that takes no prisoners. Those who make it through the full 100 seconds will line up for the final judgement in which Amanda will reveal who will be the winning act and walk away with £25,000 prize money.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ will launch on Sunday 18 March on Sky 1.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!