Eastenders spoilers: Claudette leaving like this? & Christmas storylines finally revealed!

It is old news that Claudette Hubbard is set to leave Eastenders in the very near future, but until now bosses have been remaining very tight lipped about her exit storyline.

However eagle eyed fans think they have worked out how BBC producers will be writing her out of the show and they think it will all centre around Patrick Truman.

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Patrick is going to be disappointed this week when he invites both Claudette and Dot to the cinema for a movie night, but his girlfriend angrily refuses to go. Because she’s rowing with Patrick, Hubbard is also set to have some friction with other Walford residents and she’ll even go as far as quitting her job.

Viewers think this will all lead to Claudette throwing the towel in and leaving the square for good.

Meanwhile, in other Eastenders news, Jamie Northwick has been spilling the beans on some of the storylines set to run over the Christmas period.

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His character Jay only just returned to the East End after Pam found out he was living on the street and told Ben Mitchell. Jamie told The Radio Times that he might actually have some happy times ahead over the festive period, which would certainly make a change for the show!

“It’s not how it usually is this Christmas. Expect a bit of a shock.

“It’s a mixture of happy and low-key,” he said.

However it has already been reported that while Christmas might be a little more low key than usual in 2016, New Year in Albert Square is set to be pretty explosive.

There have even been rumours that Roxy and Ronnie will be killed off in the New Years Eve special. We cannot wait!

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