Eastenders spoilers: Matt Di Angelo reveals his ‘massive’ penis!

Matt Di Angelo has spoken out about his ‘massive’ manhood in a new interview and Eastenders fans are reacting wildly!

We are used to seeing the handsome actor taking on evil Dean Wicks on the hit BBC show, but today, when he was being interviewed on This Morning, we saw a whole different side to him!

The hunk was there to chat about his new series, Ordinary Lies and admitted that there will be some dirty scenes in the show. Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley he admitted that he wasn’t so comfortable filming those and said: “When you do the sex things you don’t want to be completely stark.”

“Basically, when I was shooting a film in Prague I was given a triangle with a pot of glue. I had to stick this massive triangular piece of silk over myself.”

dean wicks eastenders

Looking directly at Christine, Matt continued: “This time it was silk shower hat with string… I don’t know why I caught your eye then.”

Fans were all over the comments, picking up on the fact that if he needed a ‘massive’ piece of silk, there must be a lot of junk in that trunk to hide.

The comments have been shared on social media for hours, with fans avidly searching for some picture evidence of his endowment.

It’s gone a little crazy! Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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