Eurovision Your Country Needs You 2010: Miss Fitz murder ‘Better The Devil You Know’

Ok, so we hoped for huge things from Miss Fitz tonight. Although they tactfully neglected to mention it, these girls have previously reached X Factor bootcamp and we remembered then as being quite talented.

Well either they have all lost their voices, or they are victims of secret body snatchers because tonight they were 100% awful.

The three piece girl group tried to sing Kylie Minogue’s ‘Better The Devil You Know’ on tonight’s national competition to decide who gets to enter the Eurovision competition later this year. Yes, we know, it’s a stupid concept and a ridiculous excuse for a TV show. Made worse by the fact that NONE of the contestants can sing.

Back to Miss Fitz, our live blogger Gerard described the performance well when he said:

Blonde one looks like mutton. The hot brunette one clearly can’t sing – falls out of tune badly at one point. It’s a vibrant enough stage performance, but the vocals fell short throughout. Pete backs this up in his comments. I think they could have picked one person to do a lead vocal instead of trying to share it.

Check out Miss Fitz’s much better X factor audition below.

Lisa McGarry

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