EXCLUSIVE: Fake Reaction’s Joe Swash talks Brian Belo, sanitary towels and why he’s so hilarious! VIDEO

by Nick Barnes
Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

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We recently had the opportunity to have a natter with the absolutely hilarious Joe Swash, in which we spoke about the new series of Fake Reaction.

It was an odd interview, in which he admitted that he wears sanitary towels under his shirt and how he took great pleasure in witnessing Brian Belo being sick…

But, he admitted that he’d love to see the tables turn on poor Matt Edmondson, as he sits in his Ivory Chair every week and loves people getting hurt… But, when we spoke with Matt himself a couple of weeks back, he said that he’d never take part in any of the tasks. Check out what Joe had to say after the jump!

In your own words, tell us what Fake Reaction is all about?
Fake Reaction, if you’ve never seen it before, is basically celebrities going disgusting and amusing things for your entertainment. Some of the games are slightly disgusting like I’m a Celebrity – they may involve eating or getting covered in some sort of shit but it’s all good fun, and you should definitely give it a try.

Before we go any further, I have to ask you a serious question. Do you wear lady pads under your shirt?
[Laughs] So yeah… for some reason, the wardrobe department got me quite a few blue shirts, which is brilliant, but I get sweaty arm pits, so they stuck the sanitary towels under my arm pits. It worked, so that was good!

One task that has stuck with me is Brian Belo eating THAT Pizza. How was it filming that disgusting task?
Honestly, when we saw the first series, I remember thinking to myself that if it comes across as much fun as we had filming it, then it’d be amazing. Brian Belo… I love to see people squirming so to see him being sick was brilliant. He comes back on this series as well, he’s back in a few weeks, and it’s even worse when he comes back.

Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

Does this show give you a nervous disposition?
You’ve never got any idea what’s going to happen, so before you go on the show they’ll take you upstairs and give you a medical and monitor your heart and stuff, and you think ‘What the f*ck are they going to do to us today if we have to get our heart monitored?’ And then you end up getting electrocuted – so you go in there not knowing at all what’s going to happen. They’ll open the doors and you’ll be hit by a smell and you think ‘Oh please, don’t let this be me’

Matt Edmondson told us that he loves seeing you in mild pain, but he’d never take part in the tasks. Could you bully him into it?
He’s sat in his ivory chair not doing anything. He loves seeing people get hurt so when he sees me getting hurt, he finds it hilarious, so yeah I’d love to get him up there and see him do some of the tasks.

Fake Reaction: Joe Swash, Laura Whitmore

Sometimes, you open your mouth and say things, and you don’t understand why everyone is in stitches… I think that’s what everyone loves about you, that you come across really natural.
What you see is what you get. I’m just a normal dude, I get carried away and that’s what my problem is. I just get carried away and get into everything and I say stuff and I look back and think ‘Why the f*ck did I say that?’

Who have been your favourite guests so far?
I think Brian Belo is definitely up there with some of the best reactions we’ve ever had. All of the guests to be fair, I have to take my hat off to them as they get involved. Helen Flanagan for example wouldn’t do anything in the jungle, yet we got her to do the stinkiest, dirtiest task of the series, so they all have to pat themselves on the back. But, Brian Belo this series, you have to see him again, he’s back and he’s better than ever!

Fake Reaction continues this evening on ITV2 at 10pm.

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