Fake Reaction: Matt Edmondson reveals why he jumped at the chance to host the show and how he’d be an AWFUL contestant

by Nick Barnes

Matt Edmondson

By now, we all know that when Fake Reaction was pitched to the production company, someone entered the room and said they had an idea to legally torture celebrities.

Of course, when the show was pitched to Matt Edmondson, he jumped at the chance to present it – who wouldn’t? When I recently caught up with Matt, he said that be begged to present the show as it’s a mix between a panel show and an interactive show in a way that they get to take the p*ss out of celebrities.

Speaking about the show’s format, he said: “Whenever I see something on TV, I always think ‘That’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of that?’ so the thought of someone else presenting the show annoyed me and I bedded to present it.

“It’s kind of like part panel show – I love panel shows but they can be a bit samey and exclusive in terms of the jokes. We get to do that sort of thing and also take the p*ss out of people, as you would come to expect, but there’s also the fun-interactive game play.

“I insist I don’t know who is faking it when we’re filming the show, as I like to play along in my own mind. That’s the good thing about the show as you can play along at home as well. Sometimes I’m left stumped though. I’d have been annoyed if someone else got the chance to do it”.

Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

Going on to speak about why the show did so well in the first series, Matt said it’s just because the show is genuinely funny and the viewers at home get to see Celebrities partake in various weird and wonderful challenges.

“We’re really lucky actually with being on ITV2 as they have a strong, loyal fan base that love the stuff we put on. We’re not a million miles away from Celebrity Juice so if you like that show, you’ll like our show and if you like our show you’ll probably like the Big Reunion”.

Finally, I asked whether Matt would allow the tabled to be turned and whether he’d let Joe Swash take his seat on the show whilst he took Joe’s seat. What do you reckon his answer was?

He said: “Absolutely not! Although, Joe does take my seat at one point in the series. It involved a joke about the show. I would be a terrible guest on our show as I’m very squeamish and I have a naturally very nervous disposition. I don’t like eating weird and wonderful things. I have the utmost respect for anyone that comes on and does the show”.

Fake Reaction continues on ITV2 tomorrow evening at 10pm.

Nick Barnes

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