Fake Reaction: Matt Edmondson talks THAT pizza challenge with Brian Belo and what’s it like to work with the hilarious Joe Swash?

by Nick Barnes

Matt Edmondson
For those of you that didn’t see the first series of Fake Reaction, firstly where have you been and secondly, you missed an absolutely hilarious task involving Brian Belo.

Belo, who you may know from Big Brother a few years back, appeared on the first series of the show in which he had to eat three different slices of Pizza. Two of them were nice but the third one had something awful on it. However, Brian isn’t exactly the smartest cookie and he completely gave the game away. We recently caught up with Matt Edmondson in which he spoke about working with Brian Belo and how naturally hilarious Joe Swash is.

Speaking about Brian, Matt Edmondson said: “Let me say this, Brian Belo is one of my most favourite people in the world. He makes a heroes return in series two and I specifically asked for him to come back. I said I was never doing the show again unless Brian Belo came back.

“We have him back for one episode and on the day [when we filmed the pizza challenge], I could not stop laughing. At one point I was incapacitated that much I couldn’t present the TV show.

“What I was witnessing was so strange and amusing that I had tears streaming down my face – as did Brian, but for very different reasons.

“The great thing was kind of the way he played it. It was the middle pizza that had the horrible stuff on it. It was like a pissed on, rotten fish. He ate slice number one, then he ate slice two and gagged, and gagged and gagged. He took a second bite, vomited in his mouth and move onto the third slice. He realised that he’d given the game away at this point and had to pretend that the third slice was really bad.

Brian Belo

“The thing is, he’s not a trained actor and didn’t do a good performance. I’ll always fondly remember that moment, but he may even top that in this series”.

Moving on to speak about Joe Swash, Matt told me that people pay a load of money and do years of training to be as funny as Joe.

“I take a great deal of satisfaction in seeing Joe in discomfort or mild pain. I don’t know what it is, but I wish it was a quality you could bottle as he’s a natural tonic,” he explained.

Matt added: “There’s people that have worked for years to have a natural comic tone, but he just says stuff and his brain works in a way that when he says things and does things, he’s so naturally funny.

“Even when we hang out backstage or go for lunch, he’s told me stories that have had me in tears of laughter and he doesn’t know why they’re funny or why he’s telling them in a way that is so sublimely comical. He’s such a joy to be around.”

However, as hilarious as Joe is, it’s incredibly hard to get in touch with him if you need him. Matt joked: “The only way to contact him is to phone his mum as he’s always losing his phone. If you need him, just phone his mum and he’ll ring you back”.

Fake Reaction continues on ITV 2 tomorrow evening at 10pm.

Nick Barnes

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