Fake Reaction: What does Matt Edmondson think of those who missed series 1 & he has some ideas to play the game at home

by Nick Barnes
Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

Fake Reaction continues tomorrow on ITV 2 and we recently had the amazing opportunity to catch up with the host of the show, Matt Edmondson.

We spoke about the format of the show and how it works on a weekly basis. He also gave us an idea about how you could play the show at home… but we would’t advise you follow up what he has to say.

Speaking about the show itself, he said that those who didn’t see the first series are worse than those who didn’t see Breaking Bad.

He said: “For those people that have missed it, they’re missing out. They’re like the people that didn’t watch Breaking Bad. Actually, they’re worse.

“The idea of the show is that it’s me hosting it and we have Joe Swash and Ellie Taylor as our team captains and each week they’re joined by a variety of people from the world of entertainment and comedy. They play a really simple game, a bit like a palour game that you’d play at Christmas if you have weird relatives.

Fake Reaction ITV2

“The idea is that three people are guessers and three people are players. The three people that are playing all have something done to them. Two of them have the same thing done to them and it’s normally quite nice. For one of them, it’s going to be something different and normally worse. But, the guessers have to work out who is having something done to them. It might be that two of them are having a relaxing foot rub, whilst the other one is having their legs waxed. Which one is having their legs waxed?”

If you want to play the game at home with your relatives, Matt suggested the following: “You could possibly play it with your family with shots. Two are normal shots, the third shot someone has spat in”. We can’t say we endorse that idea in any way, shape or form. Sorry if someone spits in your shot…

Fake Reaction continues tomorrow evening at 10pm on ITV 2.

Nick Barnes

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