Fake Reaction spoilers: Charlotte Crosby reveals she’s had some very DISTURBING things “in, around and up” a certain orifice – OMG!

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

If there’s one thing that we have learned about Charlotte Crosby over the last few years, it’s that she is ashamed of absolutely nothing. You can take the girl out Newcastle but you’ll NEVER take the Newcastle out of Charlotte Crosby.

This evening, Charlotte will appear on the second episode of Fake Reaction on ITV2 and as a little teaser, Matt Edmonson told me that she takes the opportunity to discuss terrible, terrible things.

When I asked if Fake Reaction was the right show for someone that regularly shits the bed, Matt said: “I think it most definitely is. In Charlotte’s show she had to put her hand into the model backside of an animal and she has her hand up a cow’s arse and the floodgates are opened.

“She started to tell us some horrifying stories about things that he been in, around and up her own anus. Whether it’s the right show or not, she took it as the opportunity to tell us those things.

“However, I can assure you at no point did we make her get into a bed and shit herself”.

Matt Edmondson

Speaking of hilarious moments on the show, Matt added that he loves watching the show back as due to the intense filming schedule, he doesn’t always remember who appeared on what episode and what tasks they participated in.

He said: “It gets me when I watch them back as we film them on quite an intense schedule. We do like 10 of them in 10 days so when you do episode one, you think you really know it well but by episode 10 you’re just like ‘I’m a man reading and reacting, I don’t know what’s going on’ and I forget who is on, in what order and what they did.
Matt Edmondson Fake Reaction

“There are a few parts of the series I can’t wait to watch back. One is that we had Louis Smith on and I asked him if he would mind recreating the dirty dancing lift with me that he did on Strictly Come Dancing. We spoke about it before the show, but we didn’t have time to rehearse it. We had to do it there and then and he said to me ‘all you do is run at me and dive as if you’re going over my head. I will catch you’. I ran and went to dive over his head and he caught me with the tightest grip. I thought I was in some sort of amazing ballet. I’ve never known anything like it, it felt like it lasted hours. Everyone should experience that at least once.

“Then in terms of funny things, I have flahsh backs to Brian McFadden (who was on the show last week) making sausages. One of the sausage mixtures had the world’s hottest chilli mix in it. Then Marlon made a joke about the sausage mixture and a part of Kerry Katona’s anatomy and directed it towards Brian McFadden. It went from being jolly Brian making sausages to ‘I’m going to f*cking kill you’ Brian”.

Fake Reaction continues this evening with Charlotte Crosby on ITV2 at 10pm.

Nick Barnes

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