Four Weddings: Four Clips From Episiode Two

by Gerard McGarry


Hoping to impress on this weeks installment of Four Weddings, Essex girl Emma, starts off episode two with a very pink themed wedding and gets off to a good start, with competitor Adam declaring her dress as the nicest he’s seen. During the ceremony the priest gets some giggling thanks to his incessant mumbling. Off to the reception the guests are greeted to even more pink, not to everyone’s taste, as bride number four; Jamie declares “I hate pink”. All are happy with the Christmas dinner they are served for the wedding breakfast and are surprised to hear Emma’s voice coming from the speakers as the couple take to the floor to dance to Shania Twain. A good night all in all, with the three competitors getting rather messy with the chocolate fountain.

Next is Adam’s manor wedding, the first civil ceremony of the series. Whilst Emma is in awe of the venue, Jamie feels awkward amongst Adam’s obviously rich and beautiful guests. After a romantic ceremony, where Emma refers to the couple as magnets, the pair sing to each other around the piano for their first dance. Somewhat besotted with Adam, Jamie exclaims her love “he makes the room light up”, but Krysia is not so keen on the wedding’s atmosphere.

Wedding number three takes the brides to enchanted gardens for Krysia’s ceremony. Adam is annoyed that Krysia had made controversial comments about his wedding in ear shot of his guests and other brides – it seems Krysia must pull out all stops if he is to be impressed “the game is definitely on now”. Following the ceremony, all head to a pub reception where the couple dances to a medley of songs for their first dance. After perhaps a few too many drinks, Adam decides it is time to leave remarking that he wants to get away from the ‘trailer trash’, and once back at this hotel room reveals his formula for the winning wedding, himself!

The last wedding this episode, is Emma’s low budget shin-dig. First impressions are good as the ceremony goes well, however, this isn’t long lived as the brides are not impressed with the conveyor belt feel to the ceremony as they bump into more brides waiting to be wed outside. For the wedding breakfast the guests are treated to a buffet at the local rugby club, but Adam is disappointed that the puddings run out before he gets to the table. For entertainment, Jamie invites on a host of Irish dancers and then dazzles the crowd with her own routine. Overall, Adam decides this is his favourite wedding, but will the other brides agree?

From low-budget to all expenses, who has truly found the formula for the winning wedding and will walk away with a dream honeymoon to the Caribbean?

Four Weddings airs on Living on Mondays at 9pm

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