Gary Lineker defends Tom Daley and other celebrities tweet their support

by Martin

tom daley 2

Earlier today the world learned that Olympic Diver Tom Daley had revealed in a YouTube video that he was in a relationship with another guy but openly admitted he was still into girls.

That obviously would make Mr Daley bisexual and while many praised him for “coming out” there are always those who will send nasty messages and pretend they’re stand up comedians.

Presenter of ‘Match of the Day’ Gary Lineker was just one of the celebrities to take to Twitter to praise the Olympian who also hosts ITV’s Splash!.

Not only that but he defended Tom following a surge of horrible tweets about his recently admission. Lineker also confessed that he hopes that this will open the door for other sports people who may also be too scared to say:

Taking to social networking site Twitter Lineker posted: “Delighted that @TomDaley1994 is happy in his new relationship. Well done for sharing it. Good luck to them both.”

Gary Lineker

He later tweeted: “They may be a small minority, but some of the homophobic bile on here is disgusting and pathetic. Grow up you morons!”

Gary Lineker didn’t stop there though: “Hope the gay footballers who may be contemplating ‘coming out’ are encouraged by the groundswell of good feeling towards @TomDaley1994,”

We’ve included the video shared by Tom Daly below in which he was very open and honest about what’s been going on recently. He said:

“I’ve dated girls, but I’ve never really had a serious relationship to talk about, but now, I feel ready to talk about my relationships, and since spring this year, my life changed, massively.”


He continued: “I met someone and they make me feel so happy, so safe, and everything just feels great. And that someone is a guy.

“It did take me by surprise a little bit. It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn’t until spring this year that something clicked and it felt right.”

Other celebrities also offered up their praise. Some of which you can see below.

Below is the video where Tom Daley reveals he is in a relationship.