Geordie Shore series 5: Cast rule out a Cheryl Cole cameo, and Charlotte knocks back Gaz – for a while, anyway, during series debut!

by Anna Howell

Following reports last year that the cast of Geordie Shore wanted former X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole, to make a cameo on their hit MTV reality show, they have now revealed that this will “never, ever happen”.

We reported last year how Geordie Shore favourite, Holly Hagan, had revealed in an interview with Nuts magazine how she thought that Girls Aloud Geordie singer, Cheryl Cole would have been great on the show, saying: “I think if Cheryl Cole had gone on Geordie Shore when she was my age, she’d have been so amazing! She’d probably have been exactly the same as me!

“Now she’s got all the media attention, she probably wouldn’t want to embarrass herself and probably wouldn’t be as fun as we think she would. I reckon she’d be a lot more fun after she’d necked a few Jägerbombs, though!”

However, now in a recent interview with Digital Spy, the Geordie Shore cast have admitted that an appearance from Chezza was not likely as “she’s got that squeaky clean image that we haven’t”.

Holly also went on in the interview to explain how she had been left very unhappy with James, who she says she no longer speaks to after falling out in the current, new series, regarding his handling of the situation regarding her and his new girlfriend.

This was quite apparent seeing as during the debut episode of the series, which started on Tuesday and sees the cast travelling round different European cities, the once inseparable pair ignored each other, with James making everyone feel awkward by refusing to go out on their final night, wanting to prove to his new “worldie” girlfriend, Kate, back home that he could remain faithful.

However, the fiery red-head did not seem to let that bother, or in fact let her recent spat with stand in X Factor judge Rita Ora.

Holly, who Ora branded a “red head dum z listin, attention seekin w***e (sic)” last year after she tweeted rumours implying that Ora had been having an affair with the rap legend, Jay Z, addresses the row, explaining:

“She’s calling me a w***e… takes one to know one,

“I didn’t bite back when she said that and I wouldn’t expect any of [my co-stars] to, I don’t need backup in arguments.”

“I don’t realise the effect that Twitter can have,” she continued. “We see ourselves as normal people.”

Meanwhile it would seem that Charlotte’s vow to get over Gary has fallen short as she spent the beginning of the first episode of series five in tears over their end of series kiss last year. However, she soon came back to her senses and successfully knocked back his advances throughout the rest of the episode.

Speaking in the first episode about the kiss, Charlotte explained:

“It was a moment that was kind of breathtaking because it’s what I always kind of wished or imagined would happen. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
“I feel I’ve got a hatred towards Gary now after all the sh*t and all the mind games.

However, it would seem that Gaz isn’t quite so ready to give up, commenting: “I have missed Charlotte. The minute we step foot in that house together feelings come rushing back and it’s back to square one.”

Not for Charlotte, it would seem however, who commented: “I have succeeded in giving Gary the knock back that he deserves.”

“I’ve been independent and I’ve got what I wanted with Gary. I’ve put him in his place.”

To which Gary responded to with: “What the f*ck has happened to Charlotte? Is this even the same person?”

However, her willpower didn’t remain too strong, as on the final drunken night in Amsterdam Charlotte allowed Gary to creep into bed with her for cuddles. Of course, cuddles soon turned into something else, with Gary being heard saying:

“What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam.”

Geordie Shore continues on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV, watch an interview with Gaz discussing series 5 in the clip below: