Geordie Shore: Cast touch down in Australia to film series 6 after Charlotte Letitia Crosby and Gaz Beadle’s worst ever fight was aired on Tuesday night!

by Anna Howell


After Tuesday’s epic and explosive episode of Geordie Shore, the cast have now landed in Australia to begin filming for series 6!
Fans of the hit MTV reality show will know how after last week’s admission from Charlotte to Gaz that she was in love with him, emotions spilled out into a massive, and physical fight at a house party held at the iconic house during Tuesday night’s episode.

Gaz had pretty much ignored Charlotte’s declaration and, as well as not speaking to her since, decided the best way to show her that he didn’t feel the same way was to openly flirt with a new girl at the American themed house party the gang threw upon their return from Barcelona.

Charlotte, who was dressed as the lead singer of Kiss, did not take too kindly to the display that Gaz put on with the ‘other woman’, at first seeming very sad as she confessed to the camera:

“The party is in full swing and I’m trying to have a good time but I can’t help but keep watching Gary.”

This didn’t go unnoticed by Gaz, who said that he could: “feel these eyes burning on the back of me head.”

However, Charlotte’s sadness soon turned into a drunken rage when Gaz took the girl upstairs, supposedly for a tour, as she leapt up and chased the pair, screaming at them “You know I don’t f**king like that. You know I don’t!” admitting afterwards:

“I catch a glimpse of them going up stairs and I just get really angry”,

Several housemates and production crew had to step in to break the fight up, and only a fraction of the action was deemed suitable to be shown during Tuesday’s episode as even the cast admitted that things had got way out of hand.


After the event, which ended with Gaz walking out of the house and kicking down bollards outside of the hose and Charlotte breaking a bed with her bare hands, Gaz admitted: “I’ve never seen venom in her eyes like that ever”
Meanwhile fellow housemate James exclaimed: “I’ve seen Charlotte and Gaz argue before, but this one topped it by a mile!”

As for sympathy, it would seem that most of the house is siding with Charlotte, as was revealed to us by Sophie Kasaei in our exclusive interview with her (READ HERE), appalled by Gaz’ treatment of Charlotte, with Vicky Pattison shouting at Gaz: “You f**king deserve this!”


Gaz did not return during the episode, and an emotionally drained Charlotte later admitted:

“It took us so much courage to tell him I was in love with him and he still goes on the way he does. I feel like he’s just destroyed us.”

Hands up who can’t wait to see what happens on Tuesday?


In the meantime the Geordie Shore cast, minus Charlotte, Ricci and Dan, have all just touched down in Australia to begin filming for series 6!

As we reported earlier this week, Dan and Ricci have both quit the popular reality show, but their fellow housemates Sophie, Vicky, Holly, Gary and James were pictured by the Daily Mail arriving at Sydney airport yesterday.

We can’t say that we would have liked to have been passengers on that long flight with them, but according to their tweets, they all seemed pretty mellow as they travelled to begin their new adventure!

Taking to social networking site, Twitter, to update fans of their journey, Sophie tweeted:

“From now I will no longer have my phone, TV, Internet, or be in contact with the outside world! Yep I’m on route to Oz! Love u all xxx,”

Meanwhile her plane buddy, Gaz, who had been seated next to her and probably wasn’t looking forward to a grilling from Charlotte’s best friend, told his fans he was planning on sleeping the whole way, tweeting:

“Time to neck loads of sleeping sh*t to knock me out on the next part of the flight..long flight next 2 @SophieGShore and @hollygshore.”

Charlotte was not on the flight it would seem, however she has been confirmed as joining the rest of the cast at a later date, probably to avoid another confrontation with Gaz trans-Atlantic style!.

Geordie Shore series 5 finale is due to air on Tuesday night at 10pm on MTV; watch a clip from Tuesday night’s episode below: