Geordie Shore Series 6 Finale: Vicky doesn’t want to leave & Gaz and Charlotte share an emotional farewell (PICTURES & OFFICIAL SERIES 7 TRAILER)

by Anna Howell


Well last night saw the grand finale of series 6 of Geordie Shore, and what an emosh fest it was!

This series, which saw the gang in Australia, we saw every ounce of every possible drama from Vicky, Holly, Charlotte, Sophie, James, Gaz and Scott (as well as a happy homecoming for Jay too), with more walls punched, more girls pulled, more tantrums and fake tans than ever before!

But last night saw them all come together to say an emotional farewell to each other, devastated at being apart till series 7 (which starts in 3 weeks)!

James was still confined to the punishment hotel after his attempts at punching Gaz in the previous episode, and whilst he sat going stir crazy surrounded by just four walls, Gaz was still having the time of his life with the rest of the singles in WhitSunday.

However all that changed when, upon their return, Gaz was ordered to accompany James to take his punishment too, with both lads being told that they would not be allowed to re-join the gang for the rest of the series.


This caused a bit of awkward tension between the two feuding Geordie’s with them taking to the camera to exclaim individually:

James : “I’m sick to the death of staring at these four walls, so I’m sitting outside and f**king Gaz rocks up.”

Gaz: “I get to the punishment hotel and f**king James is standing there. Awkward.”

James: “I don’t even know what to say to Gaz and it sounds like he doesn’t even know what to say to me.”

James: “Ever since it happened I’ve been thinking like. F**king hell like, I didn’t want that to happen. And why did it happen but…”

Gaz : “All I want is an apology saying ‘Gaz, sorry I tried to punch you I shouldn’t have’. How hard could it be? He’s that stubborn, he can’t do it.”

James : “It’s far too soon to resolve the differences. I’m just glad he’s staying in a separate room.”

Meanwhile, after her Australian paradise trip with the rest of the single’s, Vicky admitted that she has no intention of tashing off with anyone else as she had developed real feelings for Fit Dan, and intended to tell him just that.

Arranging to meet up with him for their last night, she explained to the camera, and the girls:

“Tonight I’m gonna go on date with Dan and it’s going to be the last time I see him. And, I’ve got to be honest, for me meeting him was one of the best things that happened.

“I’ve started developing feelings for Dan that go a little bit beyond just wanting to tash on with him. I don’t really think I’m going to feel ok with tashing on with other people.

“So when I go out, tash on with a couple of lads in a couple of weeks, I’ve got to watch me self. I’m in danger of getting called the s word. But when Gary and Scott go out and do it, they’re ultimate lads.

“I think I’m in a place now where I’m fairly happy and comfortable with myself. I quite like Dan. I think like I’m going to see him once more before I leave.”


However, on the night itself nerves started to get the better of her, and a few drinks too many resulted in her getting so drunk that she couldn’t even remember if anything physical happened between them, explaining:

“I’ve woke up next to Dan and did I have sex with him? No. Did I touch him in inappropriate places? No. I woke up and I’m still pissed. I can’t remember a f**king thing from last night. Not a f**king sausage.”

For their last night out together, minus James and Gaz, Charlotte’s bitterness was ever apparent, as she explained:

Charlotte: “Tonight, we’re hitting World Bar. To get back at Gary I’m going to make sure Scott overtakes him on the pulling board. He’s going to be the ultimate pulling machine.”

Scott: “It’s a bit s**t being on a night without my wingman, but it just means I’m going to have to pull some birds for him as well.”

gs-series6f-4 gs-series6f-5

Holly: “The next thing you know, Scott’s got four girls round him like he’s f**king Hugh Heffner. If you’re a girl and you want to pull Scotty and he’s drunk, you’ve probably got a massive chance cause all you’ve got to do is look at him.”

Holly: “Yet again, another classy night. Charlotte’s pissing on the floor again next to the kebab shop and we’re shielding her. Just typical”

Then when Charlotte found out later that night that Gaz had actually been to the house and left a note for her explaining how he felt, and how his memories he had shared with her were some of his fondest, she ripped it up without reading it.

However, the next day when they were all leaving for home, Gaz turned up, unhappy at not getting to say goodbye in person and, after finding out his heartfelt words had been discarded unread, he told her them again to her face which resulted in an emotional hug goodbye, which Charlotte noted truly marked the end of their relationship once and for all.


So, there you have it, the end of another series – but fear not, the gang will be back on the 17th September for series 7, watch the official trailer below and make sure to tune back in to Unreality TV again on the 9th for our exclusive interview with Scotty T and James!