Geordie Shore: Sophie Kasaei reveals her thoughts on TOWIE and The Valleys and says Geordie Shore is 100% real (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell


There is a lot of talk about reality shows and their authenticity around at the moment, but Sophie Kasaei. has revealed that Geordie Shore is definitely not one to be doubted!

Unlike other reality shows where certain elements have been set up ‘purely for entertainment’, Sophie insists that Geordie Shore is 100% real and that the cast has never been given a script or told what to do!

Unreality TV  caught up with Sophie Kassei while she was having her eyelashes done at Perfect Eyelashes in Kensington Olympia, to find out all the goss from the house, as well as her take on some of the other reality shows and the dramas surrounding them.

With all the controversy and speculation surrounding rival reality show, The Only Way Is Essex, we wondered if Sophie thought Geordie Shore would get stronger from the impact it is having on reality TV, or if she was worried that it would mean that all reality shows would be tarred with the same brush:

“To be honest with you, when I applied for Geordie Shore I thought it was going to be like TOWIE, the same concept, and so I can never slag the show off because I loved it.  But I was watching Sunday night’s episode, watching a car get crushed – words can’t even describe it – I just thought ‘what the hell, what kind of storyline is that – a car getting crushed, and why the hell was he wearing a veil?’ I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching.  I used to love the show, and so I feel bad for it.  We get compared a lot to TOWIE but we are actually bigger and better because we are real.”


Obviously one thing that TOWIE is in the spotlight for the moment is the authenticity of the show, with even its own cast members claiming that it is too scripted and staged, something that no one could ever accuse Geordie Shore of being:

“Not at all, on my granddad’s grave I swear I have never been given a script or been told what to do; our actions are all who we are.

“You can’t fake being drunk and going out or crying, and unlike TOWIE who states at the beginning of their show that some of what you will see has been set up for entertainment, on Geordie Shore we just say that ours is full of sexual references, so until you see it saying different than that, then we are 100% real.”


MTV have released rival show The Valleys, which has just had a second series confirmed.  The Geordie Shore cast have always been very vocal about their opinions of their supposed Welsh counterparts, despite both shows being produced for the same channel, we wanted to find out once and for all how Sophie felt about it:

“I don’t really have much to say about that to be honest, it’s just appalling.  Me on Geordie Shore, I am quite calm and a normal person – in The Valleys they are not normal people.

“What they have done is they have watched our show and thought ‘let’s make it bigger and better’ but it just feels so false.   What they have got is people who are trying too hard to be mad, they are like ‘there is a hot tub, let’s get in, get naked and go mad’.  I don’t think the characters are believable, I haven’t warmed to any of them, and there just doesn’t seem to be a story.

“The reason Geordie Shore is so loved is because we are characters, not just cast members, and we have got our own stories.  Geordie Shore is a copy of Jersey Shore, that why the show was created and it works.  I don’t see the point in The Valleys, why is it there, it doesn’t really have a place.”

Watch a clip from last week’s Geordie Shore below:


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Geordie Shore can be seen tonight at 10pm on MTV