Geordie Shore: Sophie Kasaei reveals more trouble ahead for Charlotte Letitia Crosby and Gary Beadle! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell


After last week’s explosive episode of Geordie Shore, which saw housemates leaving and returning like the front door was revolving, a lamp used as a deadly weapon and a soup bowl used as a toilet, fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats waiting for tonight’s instalment.

Last week saw Vicky Pattison walk out of the house and her fiancée Ricci Guarnaccio, after his controlling ways got too much for her to take, only to return and find that he had also left the house, and her ring, giving her the space she desired.

And Charlotte Letitia Crosby released her “psycho” side again by kicking a lamp at her on-off-on-again love interest, Gaz Beadle’s head and was subsequently asked to leave the house.

We don’t know about you, but we simply cannot wait to find out how these situations will have developed in tonight’s episode, so we caught up with Sophie Kasaei while she was having her eyelashes done at Perfect Eyelashes in Kensington Olympia, to find out all the goss…..


Obviously everyone is wondering how Gary and Charlotte will move on from last week’s explosive episode. In a clip preview of tonight’s episode, Charlotte is seen returning to the house, but we wanted to know what happened next, and how the situation stands between them at the moment:

“I remember that time so clearly. At the time we all hated Gary because he treated Charlotte in a really bad way. I can’t remember if it’s tonight’s episode, or next week’s, but you will start to see Gary has turned into this massive d***. He comes across as arrogant, and is so rude to all the girls. I hated him for making my best friend, because Charlotte is my best mate, so unhappy.

“From that time on she just hated her time on the show. Charlotte and Gary have a real love-hate relationship, but I think it is mainly hate now.

“Things get much, much worse between them. I felt so sorry for her because after that argument she just really hated Gary, and her time there. It’s actually quite upsetting to watch, I think you will find it quite sad actually.

“I have always said I would hate for them to get together properly, he is just not the man for her!”


Obviously, another Geordie Shore relationship which is in the spotlight is Vicky and Ricci’s, of which Sophie commented:

“I still don’t know to this day whether they are together or not.  I have seen them having arguments on Twitter, then I see them talking on Twitter, I just don’t know.  I speak to Vicky, but I don’t want to be rude and ask, so I kind of keep quite.

“Watching back, we never really got involved, they were always arguing and rowing, but the last time felt different, it felt very real and for the first time we thought they wouldn’t end up getting back together.  So, I honestly don’t know if they are together or not, but I think the wedding is off.”

Watch a clip from last week’s Geordie Shore below:


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Geordie Shore can be seen tonight at 10pm on MTV