Ghost of nurse haunts Katie Price’s home

Katie Price has called in yet another celebrity to help her with her supernatural problems and this time, astrologer Russell Grant told her that the ghost of a nurse is haunting her home.

Katie previously teamed up with celebrity psychic Sally Morgan, who informed her that an old lady was haunting her sunbed room.

But Russell, who is currently starring on ITV1’s Kitchen Burnout, insisted that it’s the ghost of a nurse who wants to help Katie’s disabled son Harvey.

He told The Sun: “I saw a woman in a white nurse’s uniform. There is absolutely no doubt to me that she was an angel. I had a dream that night and when I woke up I knew I had got through.

“This woman was sacked from the building or it was sold. She was being forced out but she didn’t want to leave.

“When she died, she went back to this place she called her heaven. I have no doubt she is not a harmful spirit.”

He added: “She is bringing healing and wants to help look after her son.”

Lisa McGarry

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