Got To Dance – 10 January 2009 – Review

It’s the second night of Got To Dance – I didn’t get to write a live post about it last week, so I’ll be giving you some of my thoughts on the show, the judges, that presenter (what’s her name again?) and of course the acts.

I was at the screening of the first episode last month, and Got To Dance wowed me because it seemed like an entertaining and fairly serious reality show. It’s like Britain’s Got Talent, but with less reliance on the sad, sad stories – there’s less mockery, even of the bad acts and more focus on dancing ability.

What they do well is balance the back-story of the auditionee with good focus on their actual talent.

Double Up

Dancing brothers Double Up were split up after their parents divorced – in the aftermath of the divorce, both brothers fought constantly and had to be split – one living with the father, and the other with their mother. Eventually, through a shared love of dance, the two became close again. On stage, the routine is initially a bit stilted, but the brothers get a bit more funky when the track switches to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. Double Up get three gold stars from the judges.

Kimberley: I think you guys are amazing – I love it when people blow me away. I’m speechless. Adam: You seem so sweet and kind of shy, and that worked. You can be proud of that. You guys are brilliant.

We see a tap routine from Mi T, some bagpipe weirdness and a mix of gorgeous and hideous ethnic costumes. Was surprised to see an act get through after an Irish dancing routine – the judges are clearly open to all types of performance. Bhangra Heads – a nine-piece Indian act – come along with a fun group performance and get three stars from the judges. Adam commented that it “was just so joyous”.

Michael Silk

Silk is a breakdancer. But he’s also an athsma sufferer. Will this cause him a problem? He dances well, but manages to take a puff of his inhaler during his performance! Then the paramedics are called to the stage and he’s given assistance. Car crash stuff, this is. As a result, the judges give him two red stars.

Ashley: This is hard. I’ve gotta applaud you coming out with that condition. [Ashley changes his mind at this point and gives Silk a gold star and lets him through. Kimberley warns him that he needs to have a better routine next time.]

Kiki LMX

Daddy’s girl Kiki hits the stage with amazing vibrancy and energy and gets amazing feedback from the audience. Sadly, the judges don’t reflect this – she gets two red stars from Kimberley and Ashley. She cries as Kimberley gives her advice from the panel. Kimberley gets upset too and follows her out to the smaller dome and gives her some encouraging words.

After this, they roll out the disaster reel – some really bad acts. Special shout out goes to Spandex – three amazingly camp, hairy dudes. Garcia says “Simply for the amount of body glitter, I’d put you through…” They’re followed by a woman who looks like Pete Burns’ more flamboyant sister. Frightening.


Dance teacher Nadine from Manchester has brought along all of her pupils today. Reflections, the middle group, get through with two stars. The youngest group, the Lollipops get three red stars – harsh, judges! Nadine and Dance Dynamix are up next – dancing to a Pussycat Dolls song – a good move? Three gold stars are their reward. A brilliant routine. Ashley deems the performance “tight” (which is good, we hear)

The Dizzy Dolls

Oh, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen – giggly friends who’ve brought their dads along – taxi drivers, choreographers and cheerleaders for the duo! Ohmigod – what looked like a blooper act is actually funky and goofy and enjoyable. But you can just tell Kimberley’s trigger finger is on the red button! Thankfully, Ashley and Adam give them a vote through. Ashley notes that one of the girls was clearly getting tired toward the end of the routine – something we all noticed, but they were endearing enough to carry it!

Time for another blooper reel though – some crungeworthy acts. Like I said at the top of this post, even though some of the acts are terrible, they’re not humiliated by the production – we get a look at them, have a giggle and move on.


Young street dancer Akai is up next – 10 years old. Despite his age and size, he pulls off some smooth moves – Ashley’s jaw hits the floor as the kid flips over on his head. Amazing dancing, Akai! What a cool wee dude! He gets three gold stars from the panel. Banjo tells him that he was born to dance. Adam says “With that sort of skill and those sort of tricks, you’re just the type of contender we’re looking for.

Before the episode wraps, we see the judges talking up the contestants we’ve seen so far – they’re clearly impressed at the level of talent they’ve put through to the finals. Next week – they have the nasty task of shortlisting the finalists!

As for you lot – which acts did you njoy most tonight? And have you any thoughts on who the best Got To Dance judge is so far?

Lisa McGarry

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