Got To Dance 2012 – The Last Semi-Final! Liveblog!

by Gerard McGarry

Got To Dance logoWelcome, everybody to the last of this year’s Got To Dance semi-finals! Yes, after what seems like months of semi-finals, this week sees them finish and two more acts will go into the finals!

And it looks like tonight’s lineup is going to be one of the most solid. We’ll be liveblogging the show, updating on each ad break. Stick with us, and leave your comments on whether you like the acts below!


First up are Bedford’s finest street crew Kazzum. I wasted most of this performance looking for how they spelled their name. The guys play up the funny bit of flirtation between one of the boys and Kimberley Wyatt. The performance itself is good, danced mostly to Usher’s OMG, but I don’t think it’s really on a par with some of the street dance acts that’ve already gone through. Although Ashley Banjo heaps praise on the boys, Adam Garcia is the one to say he doesn’t think their routine was worth the big prize. However, Kimberley Wyatt loved what she called a “crowd pleasing performance”.

I liked the boys, and given the level of effort that goes into these routines I don’t want to hate on them, but it’s a no from me.

Lindsay & Ryan

Two words that inspire pure terror in me “Latin Showdancers”. Why? It strikes me as a cheesy genre. Feel free to shout at me in the comments. To be fair, Lindsay and Ryan’s routine is full of flair and passion, though there’s what looks like a Bucks Fizz-style wardrobe malfunction when Ryan tries to tear off her skirt and it refuses to budge! By the end, it felt like a tiny bit of a mess. Adam Garcia told them that the malfunction didn’t matter and praised the fire in their performance. Kimberly Wyatt called them hot whether they made a mistake or not. Ashley loved how they “portrayed the music” and all three judges awarded gold stars.


Young. Female. Street dancer. There aren’t too many of those on the show. Belle’s been taught by her father, which isn’t as bad as it sounds since he is a dance teacher. The first part of the routine to Read All About It, wasn’t too impressive, but when the music picks up, Belle shows bags of attitude and sass. What initially looked like a disappointing routine turned into a massive pink and yellow onstage party! Totally agree with Davina – she gave great face!

Kimberly tells Belle that she owned the stage and praised her ‘street dance language’. Ashley picks up on the variety in her dance, but calls her one of the most promising young street dancers that Britain has to offer. Adam Garcia tells her that she’s blown all the other street dancers away and says he feels great watching her. Great feedback.

Unity UK

These guys look like fun! Ashley Banjo says he loves them but will the rest of the UK? This is an incredible routine, no other word for it. The majority of the group are dressed as fox hunters or something while the scrawny white guy is wearing a gold waistcoat and being chased around the stage by them. I’ve never seen a street routine with a theme like this before! Ashley Banjo calls them creative and inventive, but says he was worried until he saw their incredible concept. Adam Garcia is actually stuck for words. He tells them they’ve got to get to the final. Kimberly Wyatt raves about their raw power and says she wants them in the final!


An identical twin sister act that revolves around the girls mirroring each other’s moves. Regular readers will know I love contemporary dance routines, but having two twins mimicking each other’s moves is amazing. It lends a whole new dimension to the routine. There are a few rough edges, but for the most part these sisters deliver a sweet and elegant dance. Kelly Clarkson’s Because Of You was an excellent song choice. Kimberly however, tells them that they sacrificed their potential in order to be in synch. She tells them they need ballet classes. Adam reminds us how hard it is to do what the girls do, but says there was no variety in the pace tonight. Two red stars so far. Ashley Banjo also lets the girls down gently but says it wasn’t “leagues ahead of what we’ve seen already”.

Ouch. Feeling sorry for the girls. Did you like their routine?


Closing out the show tonight, tap-dancer Dharmz. I’m looking forward to his cross-genre dancing, and he pulls off some incredible feats – dancing and keeping rhythm with his toes and doing splits in mid-air. The high point is when the music flips to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and he tap-dances to THAT! But if I’m honest, as entertaining as Dharmz was, I don’t really see him going through to the finals. Adam Garcia talks about the technicalities of Dharmz’s dance and says he could never pull off those moves. Ashley Banjo tells him he absolutely thinks he’s worth the quarter of a million pounds prize money. Kimberly says she loves that he takes tap to a new place and he makes it fun and exciting. Three gold stars.

Oh, and did I mention his Got To Dharmz t-shirt? Nice touch.

Who’s your winner tonight?

Okay, over to you: if you had to pick two acts to go through to the Got To Dance finals from tonight’s show, who would it be? I’m choosing Belle and Unity UK.

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