Got To Dance Final 2012: A Team disappoint but Unity UK get standing ovation (VIDEO)

by Gerard McGarry

Got To Dance semi-finalists The A TeamA Team

This street dance gang really impressed us last time out. Can they do it again? Very probably. The quality of dancing on this Got To Dance final has been awesome. Everybody’s been raising their game, and the A Team are no exception. It’s a strange song choice – Hero by Mariah Carey – but the guys manage to craft a routine that’s sensitive to the music, but still works in the tricks, spins and incredible acrobatics that we expect from this genre.

Ashley Banjo tells A Team that they’re one of the best groups he’s seen, but this performance wasn’t their best in his opinion. Unexpected red star. Adam Garcia also heaps praise on the dancers, but he sides with Ashley saying he’s disappointed that they didn’t make the same amount of impact as other acts tonight. Which is fair comment. Kimberly Wyatt doesn’t pull her punches. She calls it a parody and says they took the art out of the routine. Oh dear.

They’ve probably been overtaken by Antics or Methods Of Movement at this point.

Unity UK

Twelve East London dancers, Unity UK spend some time bigging up their area. Love it. Only two seconds into the routine and its already a frenzy of backflips and crazy energy. But while they pull off some amazing tricks and flips, the routine has nowhere near the level of cohesion that some of the other acts have had tonight. I’m talking about the level of artistry Fear Of The Unknown brought or Methods Of Movement.

That said, the arena is in a frenzy due to the act. Kimberly Wyatt goes incredibly American on our asses. I didn’t understand a word she said, but it was enthusiastic. Adam Garcia told them that they wiped the floor with all the other street acts. Ashley Banjo said he’d go anywhere in the world to watch that performance.

I’d love to hear your take folks – did Unity UK’s routine really blow the other street acts out of the water? Leave me a comment!

And since this is the final performance – who do you want to see win Got To Dance tonight?

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