Graham Norton: ‘When we are dead people will still be singing Andrew Lloyd Webber songs!’

Over The Rainbow presenter Graham Norton has been gushing about his boss Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and said that he thinks the musical genius is ‘one of the greats.’

“When we met, I was pleased we seemed to get on. But, five years on, I don’t just tolerate the man – I adore him,” Norton told the Daily Mail. “And he’s wonderful TV. He’s not trying to be the next Simon Cowell. He’s simply his glorious self.”

On Webber’s newest musical Phantom Of The Opera sequel Love Never Dies, the Irish star added: “He was taking such a massive risk. The first Phantom is the most successful piece of entertainment in the world. But he’s passionate about the story and I think this is his best score ever.

“I truly believe he’s one of the greats. When we’re dead, when all the Marias and Nancys and Dorothys are pushing up daisies, people will still be singing Andrew’s songs.”

Lisa McGarry

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