Harry Styles, Matt Smith, Scott Mills & Fearne Cotton on Nick Grimshaw’s first Radio 1 Breakfast Show

by Lisa McGarry

Nick Grimshaw today started as the brand new Radio 1 Breakfast Show host.

His first words on air were… ‘So this is actually happening… Good morning Great Britain and welcome to this, a brand new Breakfast show on BBC Radio 1. My name is Nick Grimshaw, good morning everybody. It’s just gone 6.30 and I am going to be here on air with you 10am Monday to Friday for I don’t know how long really, just until the country up-rises and I get thrown back to the night time. But for now it’s time to follow in the footsteps of some of my favourite people like Coxy and Moyles and do the very difficult job of talking in between records.

“It’s quite a surreal day for me, I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a little child and now it is day one of the big job and I’m excited and nervous but I’m happy and more than anything just desperate to get on with it, so let’s do it, let’s do the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.”

He then played his first record, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Paris.

Bringing a mix of more music and humour to the mornings, Nick’s first show featured an exclusive interview with teen pop sensation Justin Beiber. Nick also championed his Big Thing of the week, One Direction’s new song “Live While We’re Young” and chatted with Harry Styles.

He also introduced the brand new daily quiz, Showquizness – an irreverent take on showbiz life – where Nick and a listener answered questions about various celebrities. Doctor Who star Matt Smith joined Nick for a new feature Wheel of Four Tunes.

At the end of the show Nick was joined in the studio by other Radio 1 DJs Scott Mills, Fearne Cotton, Dev, Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens who wished him well.

Speaking to Radio 1’s Newsbeat after the show, he said on having done his first show:

“It feels weird, I feel a relief now, the first day is done and it was the first show. Obviously a lot of people were waiting to hear it and there was a lot of anticipation of what the show would sound like, so yes it’s good to get the first one done. Today I guess was a lot like an introduction and repeating myself, saying my name a lot. Tomorrow I can do a more regular show and tell a few more stories.

On whether he was nervous about his first show:
“I was in Ibiza recently and I was having really bad panic attacks about it and getting really nervous but I think that that’s what you do when you are away from radio. Sara Cox and Annie Mac have said to me before that if you are off for too long you panic that you’ve forgotten how to do radio and you have these awful dreams that you can’t work the mics. When I got back we did a lot of planning, so I didn’t really feel nervous, I felt excited and just wanted to get it done – so the nerves manifested themselves in excitement.”

Lisa McGarry

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