Has Harry Styles been taking ACTING tips from Johnny Depp?

harry styles

harry styles

We all know that Harry Styles has his fair share of A-Lister friends, but this relationship just takes it to a whole new level.

It has been reported today that Harry is actually good pals with Pirates of the Caribbean’s Johnny Depp & he’s been taking advice from the star… but advice about what?

There have been ever growing rumours that Harry Styles could actually quit One Direction and launch his own solo career, as he’s recently been off in America penning songs, apparently. But, we can’t see it ever happening…

Could this be Harry’s big break on the big screen? Who knows, but the pair became close when Harry and the One Direction lads played a gig at his Hollywood house last year.

The pair reportedly got even closer as Johnny lived just around the corner from Harry’s £3 million pad in Hampstead late last year.

harry styles

A source told the Daily Star that Harry and the Piares of the Caribbean star have become good friends as of late. Johnny knew of Harry because of the gig that the lads performed at his Hollywood home, but it wasn’t until they became neighbours that they hit it off.

Johnny has been in the industry for quite some time now and he’s been giving Harry some tips on how to cope with the music industry and the pressure that comes with fame.

“He is in total awe of Johnny and looks on him as his ultimate hero, while Johnny sees Harry as a younger version of himself,” the source added.

Apparently, they have a lot more in common than you may expect. We’re going to have to draw up some comparison lists just to test that theory.

If Mr. Styles ever wants to get into the acting business, it looks like he has a pretty good contact on speed dial.


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