Harry Styles wants Taylor Swift cut from One Direction 3D movie & could he be penning a breakup song?

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Taylor Swift may have hoped to make a big screen appearance in the new One Direction movie this summer, but if Harry Styles gets his way she will be but a distant memory for 1D fans.

Insiders claim that the curly haired cutie has asked film makers to cut his ex girlfriend from each and every scene before the movie is finished and sent to cinemas in August 2013.

Taylor of course was with the lads when they started filming earlier this year, as production on the big screen project began before their split in January it has been claimed. However after she mocked him on The Grammys and refused to speak to him at The Brits, it’s been claimed that Haz wants nothing more to do with Taylor.

“He thinks Taylor’s being childish… He really thought that she of all people would value another celebrity’s privacy,” a source told In Touch.

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The comments are similar to ones also published today, when an insider reportedly told Hollywood Life that Styles doesn’t even refer to Swift anymore.

The sources claim Styles doesn’t want to speak to, hear from or talk about the star ever again and explained:

“Harry is beyond over Taylor.”

“He doesn’t talk about her, he doesn’t talk to her and he doesn’t want to be with her ever again.”

“He has moved on!”

Taylor might need to worry because there is every possibility that she isn’t the only one that can write a good breakup tune. Harry has been busy penning new songs for One Direction’s third album in Dublin today and we wouldn’t be surprised if recent events influence his lyric choices.

Styles tweeted:

harry styles

“Writing with @mrchrisleonard and @jakegosling …Chris is hard at work again.”

One Direction close the Irish leg of their world tour in Dublin tonight, before heading back across the water to England, where Harry will be welcomed back into the bosom of his friends and family.

Don’t worry about him Directioners, Foxy Coxy will see that he’s alright!

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