Hey Perrie Edwards! Is One Direction’s Zayn Malik drunk again?

by Lisa McGarry
zayn malik instagram

zayn malik instagram

Zayn Malik has been rather active on Twitter this week, which as dedicated fans will know is extremely unusual for the star.

While his fiancé Perrie Edwards continues with her tour of America, as her band Little Mix support Demi Lovato for her Neon Lights concerts, the One Direction star is making the most of his last few weeks off work and has been hanging out with cousins and pals in his London home.

On Sunday night, or should we say the early hours of the morning, Zayn tweeted about his new ‘friend’ Jack Daniels and posted some seriously hot selfies on Instagram to mark the drunken evening.

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Last night we think he may have hit the bottle again as he was back online well after midnight and sending some mysterious messages.

First of all he was telling fans to download a song which was recorded by another of his new pals T. Mills, then he posted:

zayn malik


Well that sounds like a great night right?

Later Malik added:

“I’ll give but if there’s nothing left to give what can I do ? ?,,,,,,,,,”

Either the star is sending cryptic messages to someone on the world wide web, of he was feeling a little tipsy and getting a little deep.

Whatever it was, we have a feeling that the updates were related to Perrie somehow, as soon after the laughing tweet was posted the official Little Mix Twitter account retweeted Malik’s post.

zayn malik perrie edwards 2

While Zayn takes it easy back in the UK, Edwards is working her little fingers to the bone as she continues her US shows and as well as performing at concerts and opening for Demi, Little Mix have also been filling their days with radio interviews, personal appearances and fan events as they travel around North America this month.

They did get a day off on Monday and Perrie made the most of the break by heading to the beach with her bandmates. She stripped down to a flattering black swimsuit and took a dip in the ocean, where she was at one stage joined by one of the group’s hunky backing dancers. Zayn has nothing to worry about though as Pez held the hand of one of her gal pals the whole time.

What do you think of Malik’s recent Twitter activity? Do you think he’s been following in Liam Payne’s footsteps and enjoying a few too many alcoholic beverages?

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