Honey G / X Factor FIX scandal & Freddy Parker is devastated to go!

Many X Factor fans have become adamant that X Factor bosses are fixing it so that Honey G stays in the competition.

Tonight, we watched as Freddy Parker, Saara Aalto and Ryan Lawrie found themselves in the bottom three, with Freddy and Saara going on to face the singoff.

Sharon Osbourne forgot Saara’s name but thankfully that didn’t stop her winning a spot on next week’s show and so Parker was sent home.

Many viewers were confused by the result, especially by the fact that Honey G surprised. One tweeted: “X factor wot a joke got to be fixed honey g should be gone (sic)”


“Lol no one’s voting for Honey G you melts. X Factor’s fixed,” added another, while one viewer said: “If you didn’t have proof x factor was fixed you do now…honey g is god dam joke (sic)”

X Factor officials have of course denied this and insisted boring is done fairly and transparently.

X Factor 2016: Freddy Parker


Meanwhile, Freddy has spoken out about his exit and admitted that he’s devastated to be leaving the competition. Speaking on The Xtra Factor he told host Matt Edmondson: “I’m just going to miss my little X Factor family.

“I love them all to pieces. Coming this far, I’ve got to know them all so well and they’re all so amazing, I’m going to miss them so much. ”

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Lisa McGarry

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