Hundreds queue to audition for new TOWIE style reality show, Sent To Coventry, one of them topless!

by Anna Howell

We reported last month how a new TOWIE style show, Sent To Coventry, was in the process of being produced and it seems that hundreds of wannabe reality stars turned up to audition for a part, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.
Sent To Coventry promised to be more real and gritty, focussing on more real issues such as unemployment and family – less Mark Wright, more Jeremy Kyle!

The show  will feature people from all different walks of Coventry life in this semi-scripted production, of which residents of the Town were invited to audition for in the New Year.

Among the those hopefuls was Ritu Dhami, also known as Missy D, who runs an online radio station in the city.

The 42-year-old from Walsgrave, Coventry said: “I was actually shocked that Coventry was chosen for the show – I’m glad it’s here though, this is my home.

“If the show is done properly it could put Coventry on the map but if they paint a bad picture it will be hard to Coventry to come back to life again.

“I’m just what this show needs. I represent British Asians in Coventry. I believe there are not enough Asians on TV being portrayed in the right way.

“I’m a talent that hasn’t been discovered.”

Also making the journey in hope of pursuing her dreams was 20-year-old Jade Samantha, who had travelled up from Leicester and caused quite a stir when she flashed her chest to the crowd outside the club and shouted: ‘Pick me!’

Samantha, who used to work for Babestation TV, said: “I’ve got quite a few friends in Coventry and I’d like to get to know the city a bit better.

“I want to show everyone what I’m like.

“This was the best way to get noticed. The bodyguards dragged me in pretty fast.”

Holly Matthews

Still topless, Samantha walked into the audition, leaving the judging panel, consisting of TOWIE and Geordie Shore agent Chris Bryniarski, Hollyoaks star Holly Matthews and director of the show, Tom Sharman, gobsmacked, with Holly even commenting: “I’m a bit speechless.”

Samantha added: “I want to bring some crazy energy and I want to show Coventry people how it’s done.”

Auditions for Sent To Coventry took place at Seven Nightclub, in Hales Street, Coventry city centre, on Friday, January 11, for any over 18’s welcomed to try out.

Previous stars from Coventry include X Factor’s Charlie Healy, currently touring the country with his band The Risk, and former nurse Bex Shiner who starred in series nine of Big Brother four years ago.

Watch Bex in Big Brother action in the clip below: