I’m A Celeb 2012: David Haye triumphs in tonight’s Bush Buddy Challenge, Tokens Of Affection and Rosemary Shrager attempts to cook a crocodile!

by Anna Howell

Despite having been told that they were now allowed to de-buddy from the campmates they had been chained to since yesterday, the celebrities still had to face the next Bush Buddy Challenge tonight for the chance to avoid the first public vote.

During this second challenge, entitled Tokens Of Affection, Nadine, David, Hugo, Helen, Rosemary and Linda made their way down to the challenge area. When they arrived they were each placed inside a large box where they had to search and deliver tokens which were hidden on the floor and deposit them into a catcher that was located on the outside of the box.

They had to push the token through a hole in the bottom of the box using the magnet provided to guide it across the outside of the box, landing ten tokens in the collector in the 90 minutes allocated. However, if the time had run out before this was completed the game would be over.

The speed each contestant took to complete the challenge determined their ranking, tallied with yesterdays (of which only Hugo and Helen completed), and then finally added to tomorrow’s final Bush Buddy Challenge, Bed bugs.

Also, as an added bonus, the buddy who completed the game first would get to spend a night in the Jungle Den with their partner, and like yesterday, the celebrities were all fitted with an electrical pulse which triggered a mild shock every time one of their competitors completed the challenge before them.

All the buddies set to work, with both Helen and Rosemary admitted it was tough, however things soon got tougher when the box was filled with a swarm of flies, which prompted Nadine to shout “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Nadine later admitted: “I can’t do flying things.”

First to complete the challenge was David, followed by Hugo, Linda and then Helen, leaving Rosemary last, who, when she saw that she was the only one left, said she’d “had enough” and ducked out of completing the challenge.

Back in camp, and tethered to the cardboard cut-out of their buddies, Colin commented on Hugo’s image on the cardboard cut-out, saying: “that picture of him (about the cut out) Hugo he’s looking in a patronizing way.

Limahl disagreed and said: “I think it’s a humble look.”

While Eric added: “He’s been born with a spoon up his arse. He’s a spoilt brat.”

Limahl added, “You can’t blame him for his upbringing.”

When the camp mates returned, Nadine was quick to explain to ‘buddy’ Eric the reasons she quit the challenge, blaming David for telling her about “flying cockroaches” which freaked her out.

She said: “David freaked me out before and told me about flying cockroaches and when these things buzzed out I thought they were cockroaches and I got out.”

Referring to missing out on immunity from the public vote, she added: “Too be honest I don’t want it, you don’t need it.”

That night the hungry campmates eagerly awaited dinner, which thanks to Helen’s hard day at the office, was not to be just rice and beans.

However, when the ingredients arrived, there was somewhat of an anti-climax as they discovered crocodiles legs, something which chef Rosemary admitted she had “never in her life” cooked or eaten this delicacy.

Rosemary and Hugo joined forces in preparing the meal for camp but, shock horror, soon fell out when Rosemary called Hugo “rude” which prompted him to walk off and shed a tear. He later confessed in the Bush Telegraph that it’s the third time he’s cried but planned to laugh it off.