I’m A Celeb 2012: Helen Flanagan’s disappointed after a ‘Bad Day At The Office’, but the others are still proud of her!

by Anna Howell

We all had our fingers crossed for poor Helen Flanagan during last night’s live bush tucker trial, but considering how petrified she was of EVERYTHING at the start of this competition; she didn’t do that badly, though she would beg to differ!

The trial, called Bad Day At The Office, saw Helen undergo a series of office based tasks, all with a jungle twist, in a bid to retrieve 12 stars representing meals to feed the camp that night.

The first station she completed with absolute ease, putting her hands into a Perspex box filled with green ants to ‘log in’ to the office computer via the keyboard they surrounded, earning her one star for her efforts.
The next task, ‘Face Photocopier’, un-nerved her slightly more as it required her to plunge her face into a vat of cockroaches and pull out the two hidden stars with her teeth. Helen passed on this task, which meant that she had missed out on another two meals for camp.

Whilst the other camp mates looked on, wondering if Helen’s recent brave spell had come to an end, she moved on to the next task called ‘Pigeon Holed’ where she had to put her hand into three critter boxes, two of which contained stars that were screwed down, then deposit them into the correct pigeon hole containing the same critter on the outside. She managed to get both stars, but whilst she correctly identified the first pigeon hole as being inhabited by yabbies, she mistook the second box, which had contained scorpions, for the box containing spiders, meaning only one star from that task went towards her final score.

The next task, ‘Vending Machine’, she did without literally batting an eye lid, as she punched in codes to a vending machine and then reached into retrieve the item, which hand landed amongst several huge snakes, winning her another two stars

She went on to win another star at the office coffee station, where she had to drink a mug of blended mealworms and ate a stick insect.

The second to last task, we have to admit, looked almost impossible to do. With three stars up for grabs, Helen had to stand in a lift whilst a shower of gunge and critters was emptied on to her head, each time containing a star, which the soap star had to catch in her hand without dropping to the floor in order for it to count toward her final score. She gave it her best shot, but unfortunately it was her hand to eye coordination that let her down this time, rather than her irrational fears, and she left empty handed.

The final task, Vile Files, was a walk in the park for Helen compared to what she has had to go through so far in the jungle, and with utter ease and confidence she rummaged through a filling cabinet draw full of rats to locate the two remaining stars. She found one almost straight away, but with the live clock ticking loudly, she ran out of time before retrieving the final star of the trial, meaning her total meal count ended up as five.

Back at camp Helen admitted to her camp mates that she was disappointed with her performance in the live trial, but her campmates were quick to rally round her with Charlie Brooks even commenting: “that’s better than you’ve done before.”

David told her, “Out of all of us who has been the King or Queen of the jungle. You’re doing the whole show. You’ve done seven trials in a row. You’re the one they’re voting for, they vote for a reason because they want to see you. They like you or don’t like you, I can’t see anyone not liking you, what is there not to like?”

Later David confessed in the Bush Telegraph, “She’s producing the goods now. Our baby Helen, she’s a true trouper and we’re quietly confident now that she’s going to produce the goods.”