I’m A Celeb 2012: Hugo Taylor cleans up and Rosemary Shrager gets boxing lessons from David Haye!

by Anna Howell

With the camp getting sick to death of being chained to their new bush buddies, the last thing that they wanted to hear was that the chains were to remain indefinitely, but that is exactly what they did hear!

Ever the joker, David Haye addressed the camp armed with a laminated sheet, telling them all that they would all have to stay attached to their ‘buddy’s’ until the fifth celebrity is voted out.

This went down about as well as the Titanic, much to David’s amusement, and he relished their reactions for a little while before finally admitting that he was joking and that the note actually said that they were now free to ‘”detach from each other.”

David then added: “however when the second bush buddy challenge commences this afternoon the remaining celebrities in camp must attached themselves to their cardboard cut-out.”

He later confessed in the Bush Telegraph: “Playing jokes on people is what I do on a regular basis, not the nicest thing to do in the world granted.”

Colin said: “Being free from tethering is a wonderful thing. It’s like all things you think you’ve got something to complain about then something worse comes along like being tethered. So being untethered makes us feel better than we felt before we were tethered.”

And no sooner were the cuffs off, then Hugo took charge and set the celebrities to work cleaning the camp from top to bottom.

Hugo commented: “The moment I got untethered I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I then noticed how disgusting the camp was it looked like a bomb had gone off, it was vile.”

While most of his campmates didn’t seem too bothered about being ordered around by the Made In Chelsea star, a bemused Linda and Nadine looked on.

Hugo explained: “I’d argue that men on the whole, I go to my guy friend’s flats, are always much cleaner than my girlfriends’ flats. Girls are lazy.”

Meanwhile, TV chef Rosemary embarked on new hobbies as she enlisted the teaching skills of both boxing champ, David Haye, and Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts, to teach her the arts of their sports.

First of all Ashley tried to teach both Rosemary and Colin a few dance moves from her iconic Don’t Cha video, with Rosemary commenting after: “I’ve never done that sort of dancing. It’s not like the cha cha cha or waltz. “

Deciding that hip gyrating wasn’t for her, Rosemary then moved on to David’s class room, where she had her very first boxing lesson from the world heavyweight champ, practicing how to clench her fists and repeatedly punching his hands, much to the amusement of her fellow campmates.

Rosemary said: “My children at home everybody is going to be shocked. I’m going to get into this, he’s going to do more with me!”

Whilst David joked in the Bush Telegraph: “Muhammad Ali for me he’s number one, was number one I might add until today, until Rosemary stood up there. (She’s) never done a boxing class in her life, she’s nearly broke my hands. She can fight.”