I’m A Celeb 2012: Rosemary Shrager finally showers, but forgets to wash her hands!

by Anna Howell

After weeks of being in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, TV Chef Rosemary Shrager finally decided to head down to the shower, but when she got to the creek, the water temperature was a nasty surprise for her!

Hugo was on hand to try and encourage her to take a swim to get used it, advice which Rosemary followed, squealing like a pig at the butchers the entire time, so loud that she was heard back in camp!

Colin later said, “I think she found it colder than anyone else who’s been in it. It was like a herd of chimpanzees.”

After her dip, Rosemary called Made In Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor, over for a chat where she admitted that she had “found it hard” when she first entered the camp but now, including her swim, she declared: “I’m getting over some major things here I never thought I’d do that in a million years.”

Hugo responded by saying: “People your age don’t like to be taken out of their comfort zone. They are very set in their ways.”

Whilst Rosemary agreed with him, she was quick to point out that she “wasn’t very old.”

Then Hugo broke the unspoken women’s age rule, and admitted he thought that Rosemary was actually 63 years old, to which a bemused Rosemary exclaimed: “no, I’m five years older than Eric.”

An apologetic Hugo admitted in the Bush Telegraph: “I really put my foot in it. Jungle lesson never guess a women’s age. I feel terrible because I was trying to be complimentary. I guessed her age as being 66 years old so I said 63 years old, but it turns out she’s younger.”

And that wasn’t Rosemary’s only jungle humiliation in tonight’s episode, as whilst preparing dinner she had made a chef faux pas when it came to kitchen hygiene.

In their dinner ingredients as a possum which, whilst the rest of camp had no clue what to do with it, Rosemary confidently set about boning the meat.

She then moved on to start to prepare the camp mate’s pudding by scooping huge handfuls of a durian fruit, without washing her hands between both courses, which the camp not only picked up on, but pointed out to the TV chef, saying: “Hey Rosemary, were you handling the possum and digging your hands in the fruit. Did you wash them?”

At first an embarrassed Rosemary claimed that she had, but then later admitted that she hadn’t saying: “I’m so sorry. It’s not good. At home that’s the one thing you do. I’m sorry, I can’t believe I did that. I am so sorry.”

After repeatedly apologising, Rosemary became so upset at her mistake that she had to have a lie down, leaving the camp embarrassed for her, but more focused on washing off the fruit and eating it anyway!